Regt. No.: 3382
Name: Whalen, Arthur S.
Rank: Corporal
Community: Point Leamington
Occupation: Fisherman
Enlisted: January 2, 1917
Enlist. Age: 20

Distinguished Conduct Medal
London Gazette, December 2nd 1919.
Action Date, October 14th 1918 - Ledeghem.
For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. On the 14th October 1918,
during the advance from Ledeghem towards the Lys when our smoke barrage had
lifted, the platoon to which these men belonged was being enfiladed by enemy
machine guns and fired at by field guns at point blank range. These men
immediately opened fire with their Lewis guns but the tripod of the gun was
immediately shot away. In order to bring fire on the enemy guns, which were
firing from 80 yards away, Pte. Corbin knelt down and supported the Lewis gun
on his shoulder, while Pte. Whalen operated it. Both men were very much exposed
and at very short range they outfought and killed the enemy machine gunners.
Both these men's clothes and equipment were perforated with bullets and
though both men were slightly wounded they refused to leave the company and
carried on throughout the action.