Regt. No.: 1554 / O-224
Name: Taylor, Albert E.
Rank: 2nd Lieutenant
Community: Charleston, Bonavista Bay
Occupation: Fisherman
Enlisted: May 17, 1915
Enlist. Age: 21
Fatality: October 17, 1918

Bar to Military Cross
London Gazette, 1/2/1919 - Keiberg Ridge.
For conspicuous bravery and devotion to duty during the attack on Keiberg Ridge
on 29th September 1918. The right flank of the Belgian Army was held up by a six
inch gun firing at them with open sights. This gun had a machine gun protecting
it on either flank. The left of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment was also
stopped. 2nd Lieut. Taylor, grasping the situation, at once led his platoon
forward by short rushes, and under covering fire the left flank Company
captured the gun and also the two machine guns. This officer showed great
coolness and dash and during this advance he continually exposed himself.