Regt. No.: 1308
Name: Stanford, Reginald F.
Rank: Sergeant
Community: Grand Falls
Occupation: Paper Maker
Enlisted: March 24, 1915
Enlist. Age: 19

Distinguished Conduct Medal
London Gazette, 10th January 1920 - Keiberg Ridge.
For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty on 29th September 1918, during
the advance east of Ypres. The right flank of his company being held up by two
machine guns firing from a farmhouse 200 yards away, he took six men with him
in an attempt to outflank them. After going 100 yards all except himself and
one man were casualties. As soon as he got within 60 yards he threw a bomb and,
dashing in, bayoneted two, shot another, and captured two guns.