Regt. No.: 2291
Name: Spurrell, Heber
Rank: Private
Community: Pool's Island
Occupation: Fisherman
Enlisted: 1916
Enlist. Age: 19

Military Medal
London Gazette, October 18th 1917.
Action Date, August 16th 1917 - Steenbeek.
For bravery in the field. In the attack on the enemy near Langemarck on 16th
August 1917, during an intense bombardment, stretcher bearers were called for
and this man volunteered. He made two trips to the Dressing Station 750 yards
distant. Two of the bearers were wounded on the first trip and one killed on
the second. He went into the attack as a stretcher bearer and made two complete
trips under shell fire to the Dressing Station 1300 yards distant across deep