Regt. No.: 801
Name: Raynes, Henry Richard
Rank: Corporal
Community: St. John's
Occupation: Barber
Enlisted: December 23, 1914
Enlist. Age: 23

Croix de Guerre (French)
Royal Gazette of Newfoundland, October 9th 1917.
Authority, Battalion Orders, January 19th 1918.
London Gazette, 26th January 1918.
Action Date, 16th August 1917 – Steenbeek.
During the attack of 16th August 1917, his company having been stopped by the fire of the enemy infantry, he on his own initiative and with the aid of two comrades, jumped from shell-hole to shell-hole and turned the position of the firing enemy, bombed with a grenade the shelter they were holding, killed nineteen men and then signaled for his company to advance.