Regt. No.: 2603
Name: Power, Richard
Rank: Corporal
Community: Cupids
Occupation: Fisherman
Enlisted: 1916
Enlist. Age: 20

Military Medal
London Gazette, June 17th 1919 – Ledeghem.
For conspicuous bravery and devotion to duty on the 14th October 1918. During the advance from Ledeghem towards the Lys the platoon to which this man belonged was suffering casualties and temporarily held up by two hostile machine guns firing from a pill-box and unable to advance. Pte. Power absolutely on his own initiative dashed forward by rushes towards the pill-box under the heaviest machine gun fire. As he doubled forward he fired his Lewis Gun from his hip and shoulder until he got within 25 yards of the pill-box. On arriving at this point he lay down, got his gun into action, and  kept up a heavy fire on the pill-box and practically silenced the enemy's machine guns. Under cover of Pte. Power's fire, his section worked round to the flank, captured the machine guns and killed the crews. To Private Power the highest praise is due for his initiative, coolness and determination to get there.