Regt. No.: 3582
Name: Murphy, John
Rank: Private
Community: Port Royal, Placentia
Occupation: Sailor
Enlisted: 1917
Enlist. Age: 17

Military Medal
London Gazette, May 14th, 1919 – Keiberg Ridge.
Authority, Daily Orders, 1st Battalion, 28/10/18
For conspicuous gallantry on 29th September 1918. During the 9 ½ mile advance East of Ypres the left flank of this man's company was held up by heavy machine gun fire. This man at once pushed out to 150 yards to a flank and enfiladed on the hostile machine gun position. After some bursts of fire from the Lewis Gun the enemy's fire ceased. The platoon on the left advanced and on arriving at the position from which the hostile machine gun had been firing, five dead and six wounded Boche and the machine gun were found there. It was entirely due to Pte. Murphy's quick decision and action and good shooting that the whole of the machine gun crew were so quickly disposed of and the advance continued.