Regt. No.: 2760
Name: Mullett, George
Rank: Private
Community: Wesleyville
Occupation:  Fisherman
Enlisted: May 17, 1916
Enlist. Age: 18

Bar to Military Medal
London Gazette, May 14th 1919 Keiberg Ridge – Ledeghem.
Authority, Daily Orders, 1st Battalion, 30/10/18.
On the 28th and 29th September 1918, and also on subsequent dates during the 9 ½ miles advance East of Ypres, and also during the counterattack on Ledeghem on 3rd October 1918, this man acted as company runner. During the whole of this time he continually carried messages to Battalion Headquarters to the right and left of his company through heavy machine gun and shell fire. By these acts of gallantry he enabled his company to keep in touch with the right flank of the Belgian Army throughout the whole of the attack.