Regt. No.: 885
Name: Mew, Percival C.
Rank: Company Quarter Master Sergeant
Community: Southampton, England
Occupation: Grocery Salesman
Enlisted: January 5, 1915
Enlist. Age: 22

Military Medal
London Gazette, June 17th 1919.
Action Date, October 14th 1918 – Ledeghem
Appeared in Honours Gazette and no citation published. Letter from Ministry of Defence, Northumberland House, London, June 11th 1964.
The Royal Newfoundland Regiment History, “The Fighting Newfoundlander”, has this to say:
“During the twelve days of the advance from Ledeghem more honours had come to the Regiment. Company Sergeant-Major Percival C. Mew, of Southampton, England, and Private Doyle Curtis of Badger, a Battalion runner, had received Military Medals for gallantry and coolness in the face of the enemy.”