Regt. No.: 2144
Name: Lewis, John P.
Rank: Private
Community: St. John's
Occupation: Marine Engineer          
Enlisted: July 28, 1916
Enlist. Age: 29

Military Medal
London Gazette, April 17th 1917
Action Date, March 3rd 1917 – Sailly-Saillisel
For bravery in the field. This man was one of a bombing post towards the left of Palz trench on the 3rd of March east of Sailly-Saillisel. About 8:15 A.M. the enemy attacked from the right and obtained a footing in the trench and gained the head of the communication trench. Bombs were being taken from Pte. Lewis' post and he knew the stock was running short. Without any orders he jumped over the parados and ran back across the open to Palz trench and obtained two boxes of bombs from the company in support. He carried them over the open and was returning for more when he was stopped by an officer as the enemy had been driven out. This was done under very heavy shell fire and in a place where the snipers were notoriously active.