Regt. No.: 2344
Name: Lacey, George B.
Rank: Private
Community: St. John's
Occupation: Labourer
Enlisted: March 28, 1916
Enlist. Age: 19
Fatality: November 20, 1917

Military Medal
London Gazette, 18/10/1917
Action Date, 16th August 1917 – Langemarck.
For bravery in the field. Kin the attack on the enemy near Langemarck on 16th August 1917, when his company was held up in front of a road by rifle fire, this man with two others went out on their own initiative, crossing from shell hole to shell hole, and finally getting in rear of the road, bombed out small dugouts containing two and three men each. They killed about 19 of the enemy and signaled to their company to advance on completing of this act.