Regt. No.: 833 / O-72
Name: Hicks, Henry George
Rank: 2nd Lieutenant
Community: Carmanville
Occupation: Teacher
Enlisted: December 30, 1914
Enlist. Age: 27

Bar to Military Cross - London Gazette, October 4th 1919. Newfoundland Gazette, December 31, 1918.During the whole advance from the 14th to 26th October 1918, from Ledeghem to Ingoyghem, he carried out his duties as Transport Officer with great energy and fearless devotion to duty. During the operations at Stampkot and Deerlyck his conduct has been most praiseworthy. Both these areas were heavily shelled and gassed, the main roads at times being impassible, but he never failed to get his wagons to their destination.