Regt. No.: 1974 / O-257
Name: Haynes, William
Rank: Company Quarter Master Sergeant
Community: St. John's / Catalina
Occupation: Bookkeeper
Enlisted: 1915
Enlist. Age: 23

Distinguished Conduct Medal
London Gazette, 3rd September 1918 – Armentieres.
He has shown conspicuous gallantry and powers of leading as a platoon commander, and his services have been noteworthy. On one occasion in April, south of Neuve Eglise, when the enemy were attacking in force and had broken through on the left flank of the battalion, he grasped the situation at once, and under heavy fire led his platoon forward and counterattacked. He drove the enemy back, reorganized the line, and held it against further attack. He has previously shown great capacity as a platoon commander.