Regt. No.: 3642
Name: Clarke, John
Rank: Private
Community: Dunfield
Occupation: Fisherman
Enlisted: April 19, 1917
Enlist. Age: 23

Military Medal
London Gazette, July 3rd, 1919.
Action Date, October 1st, 1918 – Ledeghem.
On October 1st, 1918, near Ledeghem, Pte. Clarke acted as a guide for a convoy of pack cobs taking ammunition to the forward area. All approaches were heavily shelled and machine gunned by the enemy. Pte. Clarke, with great presence of mind, and the utmost gallantry, first went forward and reconnoitered the best route. The night was intensely dark but he succeeded in bringing up his own cob and in guiding the rest of the convoy to the forward dump. He brought this convoy up without casualties. He thus showed great gallantry and devotion to duty in getting ammunition to the front line where it was badly needed.