Regt. No.: 0575
Name: Ash, Archibald
Rank: Sergeant          
Community: St. Anthony / Red Bay
Occupation: Electric Engineer
Enlisted: 1914
Enlist. Age: 23

Mentioned in Despatches
London Gazette, June 6th, 1917.
Action Date, January 27th, 1917 – Lesboeufs
On January 27th, 1917, when another unit had made a successful attack, Sgt. Ash went out in front and bandaged up wounded under very heavy shell fire. He directed the stretcher bearers and made several trips with them. Later on he went out three times searching the ground for wounded until he was satisfied no more remained. The fire was heavy the whole time and he showed a total disregard for danger and set a great example to the stretcher bearers working with him.