Diary Exerpt: Anthony James Stacey (#466)

Anthony James Stacey Regt.#466
Image courtesy of Stacey family
I had just settled down when the attack started. Shells began to fly. A basement was our headquarters with about twenty steps leading up to the yard and there were small long windows at ground level which gave light. These windows soon became blocked with falling brick caused by German shells. Time went on. There was no word from the outside as Monchy was receiving a furious bombardment. At 9:00 a.m. there was still no word as to how the attack was progressing. Our CO, Forbes-Robertson, told me to go out to see if there was anything I could see or find out. I went out on the main road and saw an Essex sergeant passing. He was wounded in the leg and on his way back. I asked him to come and see our CO. He refused at first but then he followed me into headquarters. The CO asked him about the advance. He said that the two regiments, Newfoundland and Essex, were surrounded. Captain Keegan went out to investigate and his report was not very pleasant. Forbes said "Stand to". Up the stairs he went, grabbing a rifle and bandolier from a dead man. The rest followed him.