Governor Davidson and Prime Minister Morris

Governor Davidson
The Rooms Provincial ArchivesĀ  A37-18

Prime Minister Morris
The Rooms Provincial ArchivesĀ  A23-134

Governor Davidson and Prime Minister Morris organized a meeting of prominent St. John's citizens which, in turn, unanimously passed resolutions calling on the Governor to appoint a public committee to supervise and control Newfoundland and Labrador's forthcoming part in the war.

In effect, the Newfoundland Patriotic Committee, as it was first named (later to be called the Patriotic Association of Newfoundland), took on the responsibilities of government that in other countries was the work of Departments of Militia.

In creating the Newfoundland Patriotic Committee, the Morris administration hoped to remove partisan politics from the war effort, and thus improve its own public image. To do so, the administration first got Liberal, and then Unionist, support for the Association. Morris hoped that this broad, political unity would also divert public attention from the widespread economic issues that would certainly follow as a result of war.