Regt. No.: 2318
Name: Power, Maurice
Rank: Company Sergeant Major
Community: Dunville
Occupation: Brakeman
Enlisted: March 21, ,1916
Enlist. Age: 23

Military Medal
London Gazette, June 17th 1919 – Vichte.
Authority, Daily Orders, 1st Battalion 9/11/18.
For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty during the advance on October 20th 1918. When the battalion was just in front of the village of Vichte owing to the fact that touch could not be gained with the right, the situation was very uncertain. Pte. Power at once volunteered to reconnoitre the ground in front and to the flank. He went out by himself about 600 yards in front and worked all along the front of his company and to the right, being under heavy machine gun fire the whole time. At one time he was fired on from a house and although alone, he worked his way towards it from cover to cover, until he arrived there, entered it, and captured four snipers who had been hiding and had been sniping from there. He brought back much valuable information and greatly helped to clear up the situation. On his return he had bullet holes in his S.D. jacket. This man's courage and coolness were of the highest order.