Regt. No.: 2843
Name: Greene, Gregory L.
Rank: Company Sergeant Major
Community: Bell Island
Occupation: Machinist
Enlisted: June 5, 1916
Enlist. Age: 19

Military Medal
London Gazette, May 14th 1919.
Action Date, September 29th 1918 – Keiberg Ridge.
For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty on September 29th 1918. During a nine and a half miles advance East of Ypres, touch was lost with the troops on the left. This N.C.O. at once pushed out his Lewis guns to protect the flank and later sent out a patrol and established touch. An enemy machine gun was holding up the left of the company and preventing further advance. Sgt. Greene with one man crawled forward to the flank and having advanced about 60 yards opened fire on the hostile machine gun and killed the man at the gun. The enemy at once retreated and were shot down by Lewis gun. It was entirely due to this N.C.O.'s quickness of decision that the advance was not longer held up.