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 Surname, Firstname  Community  Fatality
Abbott, Arthur John Charlottetown Fatality
Abbott, Edward Boswarlos  
Abbott, Eli Grand Falls Fatality
Abbott, Fred Musgrave Harbour Fatality
Abbott, George St. John's Fatality
Abbott, Jacob Wesleyville  
Abbott, Stanley St. John's Fatality
Adams, Alexander Arnold's Cove  
Adams, Frank Botwood  
Adams, Herbert Otto St. John's Fatality
Adams, William Arnold's Cove Fatality
Adams, William Frederick St. John's  
Agnew, James Scotland  
Aitken, Ernest Peyton Botwood  
Alcock, Augustus Griquet Fatality
Alexander, Joseph Mattis Point Fatality
Alexander, Walter Ernest Boswarlos Fatality
Allen, Thomas Burin  
Allen ( Allan ), Wilfred Thomas St. John's  
Anderson, Eli Codroy  
Anderson, Hugh Abercrombie St. John's  
Anderson, Israel Channel Fatality
Anderson, William Stafford St. John's  
Andrews, John Donald St. John's  
Andrews, Joseph St. John's Fatality
Andrews, Ralph Martin St. John's  
Andrews, Walter St. John's Fatality
Anstey, Alfred L. Back Harbour  
Anthony, William Seal Cove, Conception Bay  
Antle, Abram Bursey Botwood  
Antle, Gilbert Botwood Fatality
Arklie, James Botwood  
Armstrong, Gordon St. John's  
Arnold, Chesley Gladstone Alexander Bay Fatality
Ash, Albert Battle Harbour  
Ash, Archibald St. Anthony Fatality
Aspell, John Joseph St. John's Fatality
Aspell, John Thomas St. John's  
Atkins, Thomas Joseph St. John's  
Attwood, George Jamestown Fatality
Atwill, Duncan St. John's Fatality
Atwill, James St. John's Fatality
Aucoin, Patrick Little River, Codroy  
Avery, Hezekiah Deep Bight Fatality
Ayre, Charles R. St. John's  
Ayre, Edward Alphonsus Channel Fatality
Ayre, Eric S. St. John's Fatality
Ayre, Gerald Walter St. John's Fatality
Ayre, Wilfred Douglas St. John's Fatality
Badcock, Arthur Bay Roberts Fatality
Baird, Alexander B. St. John's  
Baker, Esau Bishop's Falls Fatality
Baker, George Clarenville Fatality
Baker, Nero Heart's Content Fatality
Baldwin, Gilbert Middle Arm Fatality
Baldwin, Henry Herbert Pouch Cove Fatality
Baldwin, Uriah Pouch Cove Fatality
Ball, Andrew F. Botwood  
Ball, Archibald James Botwood  
Ball, John A. Codroy  
Ball, Matthias Exploits Fatality
Ball, Ward Botwood  
Ball, William Botwood  
Ballam, Arthur George Curling Fatality
Balsom, Ralph Norman Clarenville Fatality
Bambury, Samuel Pool's Cove Fatality
Barbour, Horatio Port Rexton Fatality
Barbour, Lester D. Newtown Fatality
Barbour, Wilfred H. Trinity Bay Fatality
Barnes, John C. St. John's Fatality
Barnes, Lawrence St. John's Fatality
Barnes, Maxwell Topsail Fatality
Barnes, William Edward St. John's Fatality
Barrett, Harold G. St. John's Fatality
Barrett, Leonard Josiah St. John's Fatality
Barron, Thomas Frank Harbour Main  
Barrow, Daniel Greenspond Fatality
Barter, Alexander St. John's Fatality
Bartlett, Joseph Patrick Turk's Gut Fatality
Bartlett, Rupert W. Brigus Fatality
Bartlett, William W. Brigus Fatality
Barton, John Goulds Fatality
Bastow, Albert Chesley St. John's Fatality
Bastow, Frederick Donald St. John's Fatality
Bastow, Gordon Clarence St. John's Fatality
Batstone, Oswald Knight Jackson's Cove  
Batten, Allan Sidwell St. John's  
Beazley, John Samuel Sound Island  
Belbin, Chesley Charles St. John's  
Belbin, Herbert Bay Roberts Fatality
Belbin, Herbert John St. John's Fatality
Bellmore, Robert Port aux Basques  
Bellowse, Stewart Curling Fatality
Bendell, Freeman Clarke's Beach  
Bendell, James Alexander St. John's Fatality
Benger, Rance Amherst Cove Fatality
Bennett, George Graham Grand Bank  
Bennett, Manuel J. Flat Bay  
Bennett, William Stephenville Fatality
Bennett, Albert Stephenville  
Bennett, Charles St. George's Fatality
Bennett, Chesley Lewisporte Fatality
Bennett, Edward Main River Fatality
Bennett, Frank St. John's  
Bennett, Hector Stephenville Crossing Fatality
Bennett, James Bell Island Fatality
Bennett, Michael W. St. George's  
Bennett, Peter Francis St. John's Fatality
Bennett, Victor Sydney St. John's  
Bennett, Wallace Thomas Flat Bay  
Bennett, William St. John's Fatality
Bennett (Benoit), Dominic Port au Port  
Benoit, Austin St. George's  
Benoit, Benjamin Conne River Fatality
Benoit, Matthew Stephenville  
Benoit, Ozgesta Gravels  
Benoit, Peter Conne River Fatality
Benoit, Walter Stephenville Crossing Fatality
Benson, I. Wilson St. John's Fatality
Benson, William J. Bull Arm Fatality
Bernard, Adolf E. England  
Beson, Patrick Fogo Fatality
Best, Frank Gordon St. John's Fatality
Bewhey, Edward St. John's Fatality
Bird, Silas Cartwright  
Bishop, Alexander St. John's  
Bishop, Archibald Walter Burin Fatality
Bishop, Caleb Golding St. John's Fatality
Bishop, Cyril Washington St. John's  
Bishop, Elijah St. John's  
Bishop, Frederick St. John's  
Bishop, George H. Pass Island Fatality
Bishop, Henry St. John's  
Bishop, John E. Petty Harbour  
Bishop, Samuel Kelligrews  
Bishop, Wilson McCallum Harbour Fatality
Bixby, Samson Indian Islands  
Blackall, Herbert Grand Falls  
Blackhall, John Sheill Scotland  
Blackmore, Edgar Pilley's Island Fatality
Blagdon, Thomas Fortune Fatality
Blake, John Grand Village, Groswater Bay Fatality
Blake, Zachariah Barr'd Island Fatality
Blanchard, Louis St. George's  
Blandford, George Herring Neck Fatality
Blyde, Michael John St. John's Fatality
Bobbett, Matthew McCallum Harbour Fatality
Boland, Patrick J. St. John's Fatality
Bollard, George Edward Bollardstown Fatality
Bonner, Alfred F. Heart's Content  
Boone, Edgar Botwood  
Boone, Joseph Cottle Cove Fatality
Boone, Phineas Burnt Arm  
Boone, Stewart Malcolm South River Fatality
Boone, Zeans Walter Botwood  
Booth, John Scotland Fatality
Bourgois, Frank Stephenville  
Bourgois, Gabriel Stephenville  
Bourgois, John Stephenville  
Boutcher, John W. Mussel Harbour Fatality
Bowden, Hugh Pierson Wesleyville Fatality
Bowe, Walter Cupids Fatality
Bowen, Francis Joseph St. Mary's  
Bower, E.C.   Fatality
Bowers, Benjamin Nipper's Harbour  
Bowman, Charles Russia Fatality
Boyce, Norman Jersey Harbour  
Boyd, Alphonso Tizzard's Harbour Fatality
Boyd, Joseph F. St. Anthony  
Boyles, Robert Goulds  
Brace, James Joseph St. John's  
Bradbury, Edward Charles St. John's  
Bradbury, George Battle Harbour  
Bradley, Wilfred St. John's Fatality
Brake, Alphonsus Joseph Marystown  
Brake, George E. Bonne Bay Fatality
Brazil, Matthew Spaniard's Bay  
Breen, John St. John's Fatality
Brent, David Botwood Fatality
Brenton, Albert Burin Fatality
Brett, Jonathan Fogo  
Bright, Peter Nain  
Brinson, Lewis Change Islands Fatality
Brinston, Angus Sound Island Fatality
Brinston, George North Harbour Fatality
Brinton, Thomas Bulls Cove Fatality
Brocklehurst, Edward S. St. John's  
Brocklehurst, George Augustus St. John's Fatality
Broderick, Michael St. John's  
Brown, Charles Gambo  
Brown, Charlie Gambo  
Brown, David Tilton  
Brown, Edward John Harbour Grace Fatality
Brown, Robert Salvage Bay  
Brown, Robert Gambo  
Brown, Bertram Laurenceton Fatality
Brown, Ernest Tack's Beach Fatality
Brown, George Tack's Beach Fatality
Brown, Harry Bay Roberts Fatality
Brown, James G Rock Harbour Fatality
Brown, James Michael Curling Fatality
Brown, John Joseph St. John's  
Brown, John W. Mussel Harbour Fatality
Brown, Louis Salvage Fatality
Brown, Orlando Trinity East Fatality
Brown, Patrick Joseph St. John's Fatality
Bryan, John Ferryland Fatality
Bryant, Aaron Whiteway Fatality
Bryant, Charles Hickman's Harbour Fatality
Brydon, David Scotland  
Buckley, Arthur Botwood  
Buckley, James Botwood Fatality
Buckley, Sydney Botwood  
Budgell, Stanley St. Anthony  
Bugden, Frederick Epworth Fatality
Bugden, John Stanley Epworth Fatality
Bugden, Leighton St. John's Fatality
Bulger, David Francis West St. Modeste  
Bulgin, Augustus Twillingate Fatality
Burbridge, William Epworth Fatality
Burdell, Claude St. John's  
Burden, Frederick W. St. John's  
Burge, Allen Bonavista Fatality
Burge, Daniel Bonavista  
Burke, Francis M St. John's Fatality
Burke, Garrett St. John's Fatality
Burke, James Joseph St. John's  
Burke, Leo Michael St. John's Fatality
Burke, William Conne River  
Burn, Joseph Bell Island  
Burnham, Ralph St. John's  
Burns, William Gordon Henderson St. John's  
Burridge, Hubert Frederick St. John's  
Burry, Sidney George Greenspond Fatality
Bursell, Sydney St. John's  
Bursey, Archibald Gambo  
Bursey, Benjamin Victoria Cove Fatality
Bursey, George Victoria Cove Fatality
Bursey, Goliath Clarenville Fatality
Bursey, Uriah George Caplin Cove Fatality
Burt, Charles Rose Blanche Fatality
Burt, Eric St. John's Fatality
Burt, Gladstone St. John's  
Burt, Harold St. John's  
Burton, Andrew Long Island Fatality
Burton, Charles Twillingate Fatality
Burton, George Lewis Hay Cove Fatality
Burton, John A. Rose Blanche Fatality
Burton, Willis G. Long Island Fatality
Butcher, Ernest St. John's  
Butler, Alfred Griquet  
Butler, Bert Topsail  
Butler, Charles St. John's  
Butler, Charles Oakley St. John's  
Butler, Edward William Fogo Fatality
Butler, George St. John's  
Butler, George A. Wellington Fatality
Butler, Harold Scott Burin  
Butler, Harry St. John's Fatality
Butler, Harvey Ronald St. John's Fatality
Butler, Henry Albert Kelligrews  
Butler, Ignatius Joseph St. George's Fatality
Butler, James L. Shoal Harbour Fatality
Butler, John Bauline Fatality
Butler, Robert Bay Roberts Fatality
Butler, Thomas Charles Kelligrews Fatality
Butler, Wilson Flat Islands Fatality
Butt, Dorman Exploits Fatality
Butt, Edward St. John's  
Butt, Edward Peter's Crossing Fatality
Butt, John Henley's Harbour  
Butt, Joseph St. George's  
Butt, Samuel Hickman's Harbour Fatality
Butt, Samuel H St. George's  
Byrne, Gerald Guy St. John's  
Cahill, John Joseph St. John's Fatality
Cahill, Martin Joseph Bell Island Fatality
Cahill, Thomas Carbonear  
Caines, John Great Jarvis Fatality
Caines, William Great Jarvis Fatality
Cake, Alfred E. St. John's Fatality
Caldwell, John St. John's  
Callahan, Rodger John St. John's Fatality
Calpin (Galpin?), John S. Codroy  
Campbell, Duncan Cape St. George  
Campbell, John A. Port au Port  
Campbell, Michael Campbell's Creek  
Canham, Arthur Robert England  
Canning, Ambrose W. Red Bay  
Canning, Charles Caplin Bay Fatality
Canning, Permanus Moreton's Harbour Fatality
Carberry, Maurice Turk's Cove  
Carew, David Michael St. John's Fatality
Carew, John Joseph St. John's Fatality
Carew, John Joseph St. John's Fatality
Carew, Victor Cape Broyle Fatality
Carew, Vincent Cape Broyle Fatality
Carew, William Patrick St. John's  
Carmichael, Thomas Colton St. John's  
Carrigan, Edward Placentia Fatality
Carroll, Bernard Conche Fatality
Carroll, Thomas Bell Island Fatality
Carsons, John Bear's Cove Fatality
Carter, Charles Fred Belleoram  
Carter, Cyril B. St. John's  
Carter, Harry J Gambo  
Carter, James Stephenville Crossing  
Carter, James Henry St. John's Fatality
Carter, Llewelyn James Channel Fatality
Carter, Thomas Stephenville Crossing Fatality
Carty, George T. St. John's  
Cashin, Edward St. George's  
Cashin, Gregory Gambo  
Cashin, John Simon St. George's  
Caul, John Joseph St. John's  
Cave, Joseph Change Islands Fatality
Chafe, Archibald Goulds  
Chafe, Eric Reginald Augustus St. John's  
Chafe, Ernest Leslie St. John's Fatality
Chafe, George St. John's Fatality
Chafe, Reginald Goulds  
Chafe, Rupert Goulds  
Chaffey, Arthur James Jeffrey's Fatality
Champion, Joseph Botwood  
Chancey, George Wilbur St. John's  
Channing, John Cuthbert St. John's  
Chaplin, John Fielding St. John's Fatality
Chater, William Botwood  
Chatman, Albert Bunyan's Cove Fatality
Chaulk, Isaac J. Bunyan's Cove Fatality
Chaytor, Charles Greenspond Fatality
Chaytor, Robert Botwood  
Cheater, Reginald Greenspond Fatality
Cheeseman, Ernest B. Port au Bras  
Christian, William C. St. John's Fatality
Christopher, Leo Joseph St. Joseph's Fatality
Christopher, Thomas St. John's  
Chuck, Charles Russia  
Chuck, George Russia Fatality
Churchill, Ernest St. Clair St. John's  
Clare, Lawrence Edward St. John's Fatality
Clare, Robert St. John's  
Clare, William Joseph St. John's  
Claridge, George Souster St. John's  
Clark, Selby Whitbourne  
Clark, William Curley's Harbour Fatality
Clarke, Allan Botwood  
Clarke, Dorman Botwood Fatality
Clarke, George Max Grand Bank Fatality
Clarke, George Rankin Brigus Fatality
Clarke, George S Springdale Fatality
Clarke, Howard Samuel Glenwood  
Clarke, John Dunfield  
Clarke, John Campbellton Fatality
Clarke, Josiah Whitbourne Fatality
Clarke, Thomas Goulds Fatality
Clarke, Walter J Springdale Fatality
Cleary, Bernard Harbour Main Fatality
Cleary, Charles Allen St. John's Fatality
Cleary, John Sullivan St. John's  
Cleary, Patrick Michael St. John's Fatality
Cleary, John St. John's Fatality
Cleary, William St. John's  
Clift, Cecil Bayly St. John's Fatality
Clift, John St. John's  
Clouston, Andrew Mearns St. John's  
Clouter, Frederick Augustus Catalina  
Cluett, Henry Garnish Fatality
Cluett, Vincent Belleoram Fatality
Coady, Andrew St. John's  
Coates, Samuel Clarkes Head  
Cofield, Mark Francis St. John's  
Coish, Harold Gordon Ladle Cove Fatality
Coish, William Clyde Ladle Cove Fatality
Colbert, Ronald Red Head Cove Fatality
Colbourne, Arthur Frederick Bishop's Falls  
Colbourne, Beadon S. Bishop's Falls Fatality
Colbourne, Victor Lush's Bight  
Cole, Edward Louis St. John's Fatality
Cole, Samuel St. John's Fatality
Coles, Albert Victor Savage Cove Fatality
Colford, George St. John's  
Collier, Charles St. Alban's  
Collier, John St. Alban's  
Collier, Lawrence St. Alban's  
Collier, Patrick St. Alban's  
Collier, Philip Codroy  
Collier, Samuel St. Alban's  
Collier, William St. Alban's  
Collins, George W. St. John's Fatality
Collins, James Jerseyside Fatality
Collins, John St. John's  
Collins, John J. Placentia Fatality
Collins, Leo James St. John's Fatality
Collins, Martin Bertram Placentia Fatality
Collins, Matthew Grand Falls  
Collins, Patrick Bay of Islands  
Collins, Samuel Millbrook  
Collins, William Joseph St. John's Fatality
Columbus, Frank St. George's Fatality
Columbus, Fred Shallop Cove Fatality
Comor, Maurice England Fatality
Connelly, Michael St. George's  
Connors, Daniel Francis St. John's Fatality
Connors, James Patrick St. John's Fatality
Connors, Maurice Gregory Conception Harbour Fatality
Connors, Thomas Joseph Placentia  
Conran, Michael Harbour Main Fatality
Constantine, Peter J St. John's Fatality
Conway, John St. Bride's  
Cook, Alfred Stanley St. John's Fatality
Cook, Henry W. St. John's Fatality
Cook, James Hickman's Harbour Fatality
Cook, Thomas Trinity East Fatality
Cook, William Rex St. John's Fatality
Coombs, Archibald Upper Island Cove  
Coombs, George Thomas Sandwich Bay  
Coombs, Harry Bell Island Fatality
Cooper, Herbert George La Scie  
Cooper, James St. John's  
Cooper, Peter J. St. John's Fatality
Cooper, Ward Mellage Millertown Fatality
Corbin, Archibald Corner Brook  
Corbin, Thomas Bay of Islands  
Corcoran, Laurence Joseph St. John's Fatality
Cormey, George Codroy  
Cornect, Eugene Cape St. George  
Cornick, Edwin St. John's  
Cornick, Fenwick George St. John's  
Costello, Daniel Harbour Main  
Costello, William Cape Broyle Fatality
Costello, William Patrick St. John's Fatality
Costello ( Castella ), Reuben Pouch Cove  
Coughlan, Louis St. John's Fatality
Coultas, Norman St. John's Fatality
Courage, Harrison Catalina Fatality
Cox, Chesley Goulds  
Cox, Lloyd Goulds  
Cox, Samuel St. Alban's  
Cox, William Goulds  
Cox, William Harbour Breton Fatality
Cox, John Harbour Breton  
Coysh, William George St. John's  
Cramm, Charles Botwood  
Crane, Henry Charles Upper Island Cove Fatality
Crane, John C Tilton Fatality
Crane, Joseph Spaniard's Bay  
Crane, Joseph Tilton Fatality
Crane, Nathaniel St. John's Fatality
Cranford, James F. St. John's Fatality
Cranford, Llewellyn C. New Harbour Fatality
Craniford, Harold St. John's  
Crawford, Robert R. St. John's  
Critch, Kenneth La Scie Fatality
Crocker, Boyd St. John's  
Crocker, Harrison Heart's Delight Fatality
Crocker, Job Hearts Delight Fatality
Cron, James Matthew Harbour Grace Fatality
Crosbie, George Graham Bay Roberts Fatality
Cross, Samuel Gambo  
Crotty, Leo St. John's Fatality
Crotty, Stan F. St. John's  
Croucher, James E. Point Verde Fatality
Croucher, Nathaniel Long Islands Fatality
Crow, John M. Harbour Grace  
Crowell, Parker Glenwood  
Cuff, George Little Bonavista Fatality
Cuff, Heber Bonavista  
Cummings, Arthur St. John's Fatality
Curley, John Thomas Woods Islands Fatality
Curlow, Henry W. Botwood  
Curnew, Charles Petries Crossing  
Curnew, George Robert Curling Fatality
Curran, Daniel St. John's  
Curran, Fred St. John's  
Curtis, Archibald Kings Cove Fatality
Curtis, Doyle Botwood  
Cutler, Henry Ramea  
Cutler, Howard Frank St. George's  
Dalton, Frederick Western Bay Fatality
Dalton, Philip Codroy  
Dalton, William Francis St. John's  
Daly, James Joseph St. John's Fatality
Daniels, Peter St. John's  
Davis, Albert Greenspond  
Davis, Charles G. Smack Cove  
Davis, James Gambo  
Davis, John Bell Island  
Dawe, Christopher Cupids Fatality
Dawe, Frank Kelligrews  
Dawe, Frederick Kelligrews Fatality
Dawe, Henry Charles Topsail Fatality
Dawe, Isaac Cupids  
Dawe, Joseph Twillingate  
Dawe, Stewart St. John's Fatality
Dawe, Wilfred St. John's  
Dawe, William Gordon St. John's  
Day, James Lewis St. John's Fatality
Daymond, Joseph St. John's  
Dean, Kenneth W. Botwood  
Dean, Norman Kenneth Botwood  
Dean, Walter Augustus Freshwater, Bay de Verde Fatality
Dee, John Leo St. John's  
Delaney, Thomas J. Placentia Fatality
Delaney, William Albert St. George's  
DeLouchrey, Harold Little Bay Fatality
Dempster, James St. John's  
Denty, Herbert Traytown Fatality
DesRoches, Daniel Alexander St. John's  
Devereaux, Aiden Ferryland Fatality
Devereaux, John William Ferryland Fatality
Devoe, William Codroy Fatality
Dewey, Joseph Greenspond Fatality
Dewling, Herbert St. John's  
Dewling, Stewart St. John's  
Diamond, Eneas Burnt Arm  
Dibben, Hubert Bull's Cove  
Dick, George Scotland Fatality
Dicks, Almer Harbour Buffett Fatality
Dicks, Benjamin Burgeo Fatality
Dinney, George St. Anthony  
Dobbin, Joseph Bell Island Fatality
Dober, Peter Spanish Room Fatality
Dohaney, William Patrick St. John's Fatality
Dolomount, John Rose Blanche  
Dominy, Harry Greenspond Fatality
Donnelly, James J. St. John's Fatality
Donnelly, Jeremiah F. St. John's Fatality
Donnelly, William St. John's Fatality
Donohue, William Joseph Point Verde Fatality
Donovan, Michael    
Doody, James D. Carbonear Fatality
Dooley, Francis Joseph St. John's  
Dooley, John Joseph St. John's  
Doran, John St. John's Fatality
Doran, Joseph Trepassey Fatality
Doucette, Herbert Port au Port  
Douglas, Aaron K. Brunette Islands Fatality
Dowden, Henry Rock Harbour Fatality
Doyle, James St. Bride's  
Doyle, John Thomas King's Cove Fatality
Drake, James P. Marystown Fatality
Driscoll, Arthur St. John's Fatality
Driscoll, Kenneth Clarenville Fatality
Driscoll, Michael Tors Cove  
Druken, Thomas Topsail Fatality
DuBourdieu, John Port au Port  
Duhart, Joseph St. George's  
Duke, John J. Fox Harbour Fatality
Duke, William Fox Harbour Fatality
Duley, Cyril Chancey St. John's  
Duley, Lionel Thomas St. John's Fatality
Dullanty, George St. John's Fatality
Dunn, Henry Hollett's Tickle Fatality
Dunn, Isaac St. Augustine  
Dunn, James Hopeall  
Dunn, John St. John's  
Dunphy, Edmond Lawrence St. John's Fatality
Dunphy, John St. John's Fatality
Dunphy, John Joseph St. John's Fatality
Dunphy, John Joseph St. John's Fatality
Dunphy, Thomas Joseph St. John's  
Dunphy, Thomas P. Dunville Fatality
Dunphy, William St. John's Fatality
Durnford, Frederick Roy Rencontre West Fatality
Dwyer, John Thomas Bell Island Fatality
Dwyer, Martin Bell Island Fatality
Dyer, William J. St. John's Fatality
Eagan, Patrick Keels Fatality
Earle, George Moreton's Harbour Fatality
Eastman, Daniel Gambo  
Eaton, William John St. John's  
Ebbs, John Henry St. John's Fatality
Ebsary, Frederick Ernest St. John's Fatality
Ebsary, Hubert Edgar St. John's Fatality
Ebsary, Samuel Joseph St. John's Fatality
Eddy, Alonzo Clarenville Fatality
Edens, John Francis Joseph St. John's Fatality
Edens, Leonard A. St. John's Fatality
Edgar, Charles LeGallais St. John's Fatality
Edgar, Edwin Jr. Greenspond Fatality
Edgar, Albert Pilley's Island Fatality
Edgecombe, Edward Francis St. John's Fatality
Edgecombe, Silas Ochre Pit Cove Fatality
Edney, Samuel R. St. John's Fatality
Edwards, Alphonsus J. St. John's Fatality
Edwards, Hubert Frank Mill Town Fatality
Edwards, John Charles St. John's Fatality
Edwards, William D. St. John's  
Elliott, George Happy Adventure Fatality
Elliott, John St. John's Fatality
Elliott, Samuel Botwood  
Elliott, William Norris Arm Fatality
Elliott, William Skeffington Newman's Cove Fatality
Ellis, Ambrose Port Saunders Fatality
Ellis, John Joseph St. John's Fatality
Ellsworth, James Carmanville Fatality
Ellsworth, John Thomas Carmanville Fatality
Elson, Albert John Spotted Islands  
Elson, Frank Botwood  
Elson, George Botwood  
Emberly, George English Harbour East Fatality
Emerson, George M. St. John's  
England, Hugh S. St. George's Fatality
English, Patrick Joseph St. John's  
Erley, Joseph St. John's  
Etheridge, Gordon Champney's East Fatality
Etheridge, Richard Joe Batt's Arm Fatality
Evans, Henry St. John's Fatality
Evans, Joseph Wellington St. John's Fatality
Evans, Leonard St. John's Fatality
Evans, Nelson Botwood  
Evans, Nicholas J. St. John's Fatality
Evoy, Frank Harricot Fatality
Ezekiel, John St. Mary's  
Ezekiel, Joseph Harbour Main Fatality
Fallon, Stephen Harbour Grace Fatality
Faour, Edward St. John's  
Farrell, Martin Patrick Marystown Fatality
Farrell, Patrick Joseph Ferryland Fatality
Farrell, Samuel St. Jacques  
Farrington, William St. John's  
Feggans, Samuel Scotland  
Felix, Ernest Flat Bay  
Felix, Henry Felix Cove  
Felix, Joseph Felix Cove  
Felix, William Felix Cove  
Ferguson, John Roy St John's Fatality
Ferguson, Stewart Small St John's Fatality
Fewer, Lawrence Joseph Placentia Fatality
Fiander, Nathan Codroy  
Fiander, Samuel Coombe's Cove  
Field, Charles William St. John's  
Field, John St. John's Fatality
Field, Larry St. John's  
Fields, Charles Cook's Harbour Fatality
Fifield, Frederick Bonavista Fatality
Fifield, Isaac Bonavista  
Fifield, Mark Catalina  
Filliar, Donald St. John's  
Fillier, Frank Petty Harbour Fatality
Fillier, Maximillian William St. John's  
Finn, James Goulds  
Fisher, Ernest St. John's Fatality
Fitzgerald, John Martin St. John's Fatality
Fitzgerald, Thomas Joseph St. John's Fatality
Fitzpatrick, Alphonsus Conche Fatality
Fitzpatrick, Leo J. Conche  
Flagg, Jonathan Nain  
Flannigan, David Roundabout Fatality
Fleming, Richard Bell Island Fatality
Fleming, Richard Francis St. John's  
Flowers, Thomas Hopedale  
Flynn, Patrick Goulds  
Foaley, Dominic Russia Fatality
Foley, Martin St. Bride's  
Foley, Patrick St. Bride's  
Foley, Patrick W. Whitbourne  
Folks, Albert Little Bay Fatality
Follett, Albert Grand Beach Fatality
Foote, John H. Botwood  
Forbes-Robertson, James England  
Ford, Elias Charlottetown Fatality
Ford, Gerald Amherst Cove Fatality
Ford, James Paul's Island Fatality
Forsey, Bernard St. John's  
Forsey, Charles Gambo  
Forsey, Claude Grand Bank  
Forsey, John Gambo  
Forsey, Joseph Clarke's Head  
Fortune, Stephen Jeffrey's Fatality
Fortune, William St. John's Fatality
Forward, Norman Tizzard's Harbour Fatality
Fowler, William St. John's Fatality
Fowlow, James Francis Salmonier  
Fowlow, Richard Trinity East Fatality
Fowlow, William St. John's  
Frampton, George Lewisporte  
Frampton, Harry Grand Falls Fatality
Frampton, John Bay Bulls Fatality
Frampton, John Burin Bay Fatality
Frampton, William H. Bay Bulls  
Francis, Albert Edward Hermitage Cove Fatality
Franklin, William Hodgson    
Freake, James Lewisporte Fatality
Freebairn, Buchanan W. Ferryland Fatality
French, John Joseph St. John's Fatality
Frew, Mackintosh Grand Falls Fatality
Frizell, Henry Goulds Fatality
Frizell, William Goulds  
Frizzell, Richard Goulds  
Frost, Charles Sydney Nova Scotia  
Froud, Eldon Old Perlican Fatality
Fry, John St. John's Fatality
Fry, William Charleston Fatality
Fudge, Charles Burnt Island Fatality
Fudge, George Thomas Muddy Hole Fatality
Fudge, Jeremiah Pass Island Fatality
Furey, Ignatius Harbour Main Fatality
Furlong, David J. Placentia Fatality
Galgay, Francis Joseph St. John's Fatality
Galgay, Nicholas Augustus St. John's  
Gallant, Michael Sandy Point Fatality
Gallately, William Thomas St. John's  
Gallishaw, Alonzo John St. John's  
Gallop, Morgan St. John's Fatality
Galpin, John Codroy Fatality
Gardner, Hamor British Harbour  
Gardiner, John St. John's  
Gardner, Cyril British Harbour Fatality
Gardner, Edward James British Harbour Fatality
Gardner, Frederick J. L. British Harbour Fatality
Gardner, Theophilus British Harbour Fatality
Garf, Fred St. John's Fatality
Garland, Charles Frederick St. John's  
Garland, George Stanley Lower Island Cove  
Garland, Henry Lower Island Cove  
Garland, James W. Green Point  
Garland, John William Upper Island Cove  
Gaudet, Angus Stephenville  
Gaudet, Arthur Stephenville  
Gaudet, Walter Stephenville  
Gear, George St. John's Fatality
Gear, James Joseph St. John's Fatality
George, Ambrose Britannia Cove Fatality
George, Joshua Fosters Point Fatality
George, William Bell Island  
Gibbenhuck, John Square Islands  
Gilbert, Alexander Come By Chance Fatality
Gill, Arthur Sally's Cove Fatality
Gill, Ernest Harbour Grace Fatality
Gillam, Arthur Wilfred Bay St. George Fatality
Gillam, Charles Jeffrey's Fatality
Gillespie, Samuel Joseph Fortune Harbour Fatality
Gillett, Philip Exploits Fatality
Gilley, Job Stanleyville Fatality
Gillingham, Charles Ochre Pit Cove Fatality
Gillingham, Esau Glenwood  
Gillingham, Maurice Glenwood  
Gillis, Daniel Grand River  
Ginn, William Comfort Cove Fatality
Gladney, Edward Francis St. John's Fatality
Gladney, William Joseph Nova Scotia  
Glover, James Deer Islands Fatality
Godden, Malcolm St. John's  
Goiglas, George Russia  
Golding, Sylvester Gambo  
Goobie, Andrew N. St. John's  
Gooby, Archibald St. John's  
Good, Robert Joseph England  
Goodland, Augustus St. John's Fatality
Goodland, Oliver Elliston  
Goodwin, Stephen New Melbourne Fatality
Goodyear, Harold Kenneth Grand Falls  
Goodyear, Josiah Robert Grand Falls  
Goodyear, Oswald Ray Grand Falls Fatality
Goodyear, Stanley Charles Grand Falls Fatality
Goodyear, William Bertram Frederickton Fatality
Gorman, Julian Joseph Harbour Breton Fatality
Gosse, Alfred Joseph Torbay  
Gosse, Ira Joseph Spaniard's Bay Fatality
Gosse, John Torbay  
Gosse, Samuel Torbay Fatality
Gosse, Thomas Joseph St. John's Fatality
Goudie, George Grand Falls Fatality
Goudie, James W. Grand Falls  
Goudie (Goudy), James Northwest River  
Goudy ( Goudie ), Ernest Port Anson  
Gough, Chesley James Elliston Fatality
Gough, Frank George St. John's  
Gough, Newman Elliston  
Gough, Ralph St. John's  
Goulding, Abraham Gambo  
Grace, Martin Joseph Placentia Fatality
Granger, Charles Trinity Fatality
Grant, Edward Peter Lawn Fatality
Grant, James Bernard St. John's Fatality
Grant, William Hoyes St. John's Fatality
Granter, Henry Thomas Gambo  
Greeley, Matthew Portugal Cove Fatality
Green, Albert James St. Anthony Fatality
Green, Cecil Trinity  
Green, Gordon St. John's  
Green, Hubert Random  
Green, John Henry Stanley St. John's Fatality
Green, Moses Salt Pond Fatality
Green, William Joseph St. John's  
Greene, Augustine Peter Bell Island  
Greene, Gregory Lyon Bell Island  
Greene, Walter Martin Bell Island Fatality
Greene, William Howe England  
Greenslade, Samuel Long Pond  
Grieve, Robert Cecil St. John's  
Griffen, James Patrick Harbour Grace  
Griffin, John M. St. John's Fatality
Grimes, Rupert St. John's  
Grouchy, Philip John St. John's  
Grouchy, Thomas J. St. John's Fatality
Groves, Daniel Rigolet Fatality
Gullage, Hubert Victor St. John's Fatality
Gullage, William F. Catalina Fatality
Gullikson, Ernest Traytown  
Gushue, George W. St. John's  
Guy, Ambrose Arnold's Cove Fatality
Guy, Chester Cameron Burgeo Fatality
Hackett, Thomas Joseph St. John's  
Hadow, Arthur Lovell England  
Hagen, James George Washington St. Pierre et Miquelon Fatality
Haines, Albert Jamestown Fatality
Haley, Robert Bonavista  
Halfyard, John Bonne Bay Fatality
Halfyard, Wallace Bonne Bay Fatality
Haliburton, Gordon Port au Port Fatality
Haliday, Abel Britannia Cove Fatality
Hall, James St. John's Fatality
Hall, John Felix Cove  
Hall, Joseph Codroy  
Hall, Patrick Joseph Port au Port  
Hall, William St. John's Fatality
Hall, William St. John's Fatality
Hamen, Richard J. Marystown Fatality
Hamlin, Stewart Crow Head Fatality
Hammond, Arthur St. John's  
Hammond, Charles St. John's  
Hammond, Thomas St. John's  
Hancock, Albert St. Anthony Fatality
Hancock, John James Cove Fatality
Hancock, Lewis Salvage Fatality
Hancock, Thomas Botwood  
Haney, James (John?) Patrick St. John's Fatality
Hann, Albert L. Grand Falls  
Hann, George Wesleyville Fatality
Hann, Jacob Botwood  
Hann, Robert Trout River Fatality
Hann, William S. Grand Falls Fatality
Hann, Brigham Bonne Bay Fatality
Hannaford, John Joseph St. John's  
Hannon, Frank J. Harbour Main Fatality
Harbin, Wilfred T. Twillingate Fatality
Harding, Ernest William Little Bay West Fatality
Harding, Herbert St. John's Fatality
Harding, Samuel Greenspond  
Harding, William Renews Fatality
Hardy, Edward G. St. John's Fatality
Hardy, John St. John's Fatality
Hardy, William Frank St. John's Fatality
Hare, Harvey Burgeo Fatality
Harnett, Frank Seldom Come By Fatality
Harnett, Walter Joseph Seldom Come By  
Harnett, William Campbellton Fatality
Harris, Clarence Valentine Alexander Bay Fatality
Harris, Eugene Glovertown Fatality
Harris, George William Humbermouth Fatality
Harris, Harvey Newman Burgeo Fatality
Harris, William George Brooklyn West Fatality
Harsant, Lawrence George St. John's  
Hart, Bertram Champney's East  
Hart, John Island Harbour Fatality
Hart, Jonas Horwood Fatality
Hartley, Arthur Percy St. John's  
Hartley, Leonard Vincent England  
Harttree, Sidney USA Fatality
Harvey, Alfred Stanley St. John's  
Harvey, Gerald Cockburn St. John's  
Harvey, Henry St. John's Fatality
Harvey, Leslie Boswarlos  
Harvey, Nathaniel Victoria Cove Fatality
Harvey, Wilfred Eric St. John's  
Hatcher, Garlan (Edwin) Rose Blanche  
Hatcher, Henry Thomas Rose Blanche Fatality
Hatcher, Reuben Rose Blanche  
Hatfield, George Bernard St. John's Fatality
Hawker, Mortimer Leopold Carbonear Fatality
Hawkins, George Twillingate Fatality
Hayes, Patrick Joseph St. John's Fatality
Haynes, William St. John's  
Haytor, Hubert Botwood  
Hayward, Arthur S. St. John's Fatality
Head, Michael Fleur-de-Lys  
Heale, Robert William St. John's Fatality
Healey, John Joseph St. John's Fatality
Healey, William James St. John's Fatality
Hearn, Augustine St. John's Fatality
Heater, Herbert Stephen Harbour Grace  
Heath, Adolphus Garrett Long Island Fatality
Heath, Job Botwood  
Heath, Thomas Botwood  
Hefferman, Michael Goulds  
Hefford, Thomas Berkley New Harbour Fatality
Hellier ( Hillier ), John St. John's  
Hemion, John Botwood  
Hemion, Joseph Botwood  
Henderson, Robert St. John's  
Hennebury, Alexander St. John's  
Hennebury, Ewan St. John's  
Hennebury, John St. John's  
Hennessey, James Harbour Grace  
Herder, Arthur J. St. John's Fatality
Herder, Hubert Clinton St. John's Fatality
Herder, Ralph Barnes St. John's  
Herder, Wallace St. John's Fatality
Hewlett, Armenius La Scie Fatality
Hibbs, James Francis St. John's  
Hibbs, John Leslie Topsail Fatality
Hickey, Edward Barren Island Fatality
Hickey, James Joseph St. John's  
Hickey, John Joseph Bell Island  
Hickey, John Joseph St. John's  
Hickey, Lawrence St. John's  
Hickey, Robert St. John's Fatality
Hickey, William Topsail Fatality
Hickey, William Francis St. John's  
Hicks, Henry George Carmanville  
Hicks, Norman Catalina  
Hicks, Philip S. Merritt's Harbour Fatality
Higgins, Edmund James St. John's Fatality
Hilliard, Silas New Harbour Fatality
Hillier, John St. John's  
Hillier, Llewelyn Lamaline Fatality
Hipditch, John Paradise  
Hiscock, Alfred St. John's Fatality
Hiscock, Edward Pearcy Flat Islands  
Hiscock, George Codroy  
Hiscock, George Craniford St. John's  
Hiscock, Samuel Carbonear Fatality
Hoare, Edward John St. John's Fatality
Hobbs, Charles Red Cliff Fatality
Hobbs, Eliol Red Cliff Fatality
Hobbs, John Red Cliff Fatality
Hockley, John Herbert England Fatality
Hodder, Stewart Horwood Fatality
Hoddinott, Ludwig Duncan Greenspond Fatality
Hoddinott, Samuel Indian Islands Fatality
Hogan, Aiden Joseph St. Mary's  
Holden, Luke Holyrood Fatality
Holden, Patrick St. John's Fatality
Hollahan, Joseph St. John's Fatality
Holland, Michael John St. John's Fatality
Hollett, George Burin Fatality
Hollett, George Burin North Fatality
Hollett, George Albert Pouch Cove  
Hollett, Levi New Harbour  
Holloway, Albert Brooklyn Fatality
Holloway, Nicholas Bloomfield  
Holloway, Robert P. St. John's Fatality
Holmes, Aubrey Springdale Fatality
Hookey, Robert Bell Island  
Hooper, Albert Norman Port au Port  
Hopson, Frank Grand Falls  
Horan, Lawrence St. John's  
Horan, Thomas Anthony St. John's  
Horwood, Albert Harbour Grace Fatality
Horwood, Henry Moreton's Harbour Fatality
Hoskins, Lawrence Amour Kelligrews  
Hoskins, William J. St. Alban's  
Houlahan, James Patrick Cape St. Mary's  
Hounsell, Japheth Wesleyville Fatality
House, George Lewisporte Fatality
House, John Greenspond Fatality
House, Ronald Herbert Catalina  
Howard, James John St. John's Fatality
Howell, Moses St. John's  
Howlett, James Joseph Goulds  
Howlett, Pierre Goulds  
Howley, James M. St. John's  
Hoyles, Joseph Brookfield Fatality
Hoyles, Obadiah Pool's Island Fatality
Hudson, George Pouch Cove Fatality
Hudson, Lewis G. Adams Cove Fatality
Hudson, Louis Adams Cove Fatality
Hudson, Peter J. St. John's Fatality
Hulan, Gerald St. George's Fatality
Hulan, Howard Robinsons Station Fatality
Hull, Harvey Seal Islands  
Hull, Victor Little Bay Islands Fatality
Humphrey, Thomas St. John's  
Humphries, Alfred Northern Arm Fatality
Humphries, William Catalina  
Hunt, Cecil J. St. John's Fatality
Hunt, James Grand Falls  
Hurdle, Arthur William Dunfield Fatality
Hurley, Robert Joseph St. John's Fatality
Hurley, William Joseph St. John's  
Hussey, Francis Joseph Freshwater Fatality
Hussey, Harold St. John's Fatality
Hussey, William Thomas St. John's Fatality
Hutchings, Alfred W. Botwood  
Hutchings, James Botwood  
Hutchings, William Frederick Cyril St. John's  
Hutchings, William S. Bonne Bay Fatality
Hutchins, Harold Greenspond Fatality
Hynes, Alfred Lacey Glenwood  
Hynes, Aloysius Bay L'Argent Fatality
Hynes, Edward Lemuel St. John's Fatality
Hynes, Harry Glenwood Fatality
Hynes, Hubert Port au Port  
Hynes, Isaac Fox Island River  
Hynes, James Joseph St. John's Fatality
Hynes, John Francis St. Brendan's  
Hynes, Leonard Codroy Fatality
Hynes, Richard Edward St. John's Fatality
Hynes, William Patrick St. Brendan's Fatality
Inder, Herbert S. Springdale Fatality
Ingram, Moses A. C. Harbour Buffett Fatality
Innes, Robert Eric Scotland  
Irvine, James Main St. John's  
Irvine, John Ferguson Scotland  
Ivany, John Alfred St. John's Fatality
Ivany, William Cox Jamestown Fatality
Ivany, William Garland Gambo Fatality
Ivany, William Mark English Harbour Fatality
Jackman, Arthur Joseph St. John's Fatality
Jackman, Bert St. John's Fatality
Jackman, George Arthur St. John's  
Jackman, Michael Joseph Bell Island Fatality
Jackman, Thomas Joseph St. John's  
Jacobs, Frederick James St. John's Fatality
Jacobs, Harold G. Northern Bay Fatality
Jacobs, Levi Little Heart's Ease  
Jacobs, Walter Westport Fatality
James, Cecil Stanley St. John's  
James, Charles Robert St. John's  
James, Henry John St. John's  
James, Thomas Lincoln St. John's  
Janes, Albert Evelyn Hant's Harbour Fatality
Janes, Alwin Ambrose Glovertown  
Janes, Charles Valleyfield Fatality
Janes, Dorcie Hubert Ramea Fatality
Janes, Frederick St. John's Fatality
Janes, George Britannia Cove Fatality
Janes, George R. Botwood Fatality
Janes, Harold C. St. John's  
Janes, Harold Wesley St. John's  
Janes, Maxwell St. John's Fatality
Janes, Stephen Bishop's Falls Fatality
Janes, Thomas Patrick St. John's  
Janes, Walter Harold St. John's  
Janes, William J. Trinity Bay Fatality
Jarvis, Richard Haystack Fatality
Jeans, John Allan Catalina Fatality
Jeddore, Joseph James Conne River  
Jeddore, Peter Conne River  
Jefferies, William Lawrenceton  
Jeffers, Silas Freshwater Fatality
Jensen, Jens William Harbour Breton  
Jerrett, Frank Brigus Fatality
Jesseau, Arthur Francis Bay of Islands  
Jesso, Arthur Daisley Bay of Islands  
Jesso, William Francis Woods Island Fatality
Jewer, Walter Botwood  
Joe, James Patrick Springdale  
Johnson, Alfred England Fatality
Johnson, George Trouty Fatality
Johnson, John Joseph St. John's Fatality
Jones, Arthur Broad Cove Fatality
Jones, James Point of Bay Fatality
Jones, Nathaniel Whitbourne Fatality
Jordan, Felix Pouch Cove  
Jordan, Thomas Joseph Pouch Cove  
Joy, Edward St. John's Fatality
Joy, William Harbour Main  
Joyce, William Salmonier Fatality
Jupp, Clifford Henry Oliver England Fatality
Jupp, Leonard John St. John's  
Kane, George St. John's Fatality
Kane (Keane), Walter Arthur St. John's Fatality
Karn, Cyril Chancey   
Kavanagh, Edward St. John's Fatality
Kavanagh, John James Fox Cove Fatality
Kavanagh, Joseph Arthur St. John's  
Kean, Wallace Traytown Fatality
Kean, Thomas Joseph St. John's Fatality
Keane, Walter Arthur St. John's Fatality
Kearley, Heber Blaketown Fatality
Kearney, William Wallace St. John's  
Kearsey, Francis St. John's Fatality
Keating, Patrick Torbay Fatality
Keats, Hubert John St. John's  
Keats, William St. John's Fatality
Keefe, Aloysius Southeast Placentia Fatality
Keefe, Saul Twillingate Fatality
Keegan, Kevin J. St. John's  
Keel, Fred Bonavista  
Keeping, Albert Flat Islands  
Keeping, James Giles Lally Cove Fatality
Keeping, Joseph Ramea  
Keeping, Mack Fortune Fatality
Keeping, Solomon Ramea Fatality
Keeping, Stanley Rose Blanche Fatality
Kelly, Daniel Gambo Fatality
Kelly, Ernest St. John's  
Kelly, Frank Ireland's Eye Fatality
Kelly, James Joseph Jerseyside Fatality
Kelly, John Joseph St. John's  
Kelly, Michael Francis St. John's Fatality
Kelly, Thomas Joseph Placentia Fatality
Kendall, Edward William Ramea Fatality
Kendall, Edwin Ramea  
Kennedy, George Francis Joseph St. John's  
Kennedy, Leo T. Fortune Harbour  
Kennedy, Michael Francis St. John's Fatality
Kennett, William Patrick St. John's  
Kent, James St. John's  
Kent, Martin Patrick Placentia Fatality
Keough, Martin St. John's Fatality
Kerr, David Simpson Scotland  
Kershaw, Robert England Fatality
King, Aaron New Bonaventure Fatality
King, Albert Victor Catalina  
King, Alexander Western Bay Fatality
King, Arthur Broad Cove Fatality
King, Ephraim Catalina Fatality
King, George Joseph St. John's Fatality
King, Henry A. White Point Fatality
King, Jabez William Lewisporte Fatality
King, John Francis Placentia  
King, Joseph Andrew Broad Cove Fatality
King, Thomas Martin Lewisporte  
King, William Placentia Fatality
King, William John New Bonaventure Fatality
King, William P. St. John's Fatality
Kirby, Stanley S. Silverdale  
Knee, Henry Badger's Quay  
Knight, Francis Herbert St. John's  
Knight, George Samuel St. John's Fatality
Knight, James St. Pierre England  
Knight, William St. John's Fatality
Knight, William Blackler St. John's Fatality
Knott, Cecil James Burgeo Fatality
Knott, William Sallys Cove Fatality
Knowling, William A. Little River Fatality
Lacey, George B. St. John's Fatality
Lacey, Harry Exploits Fatality
Lacey, Roland Stephen St. John's  
Lafitte, Thomas Fox Island River  
Lagatdu, Yvsey (Yves) Cape St. George  
Lahey, Edward Bell Island  
Lahey, Robert Joseph Bell Island Fatality
Lambert, Benjamin Old Perlican  
Lambert, James St. John's  
Lambert, John Southport Fatality
Lambert, John St. John's Fatality
Lane, Enos Millertown  
Lane, Gideon Harland Jamestown Fatality
Lane, Job Jack Lanes Bay  
Lane, Malcolm Fair Islands Fatality
Langdon, Dwight Lyman Northern Arm  
Langdon, John Northern Arm  
Langdon, Kenneth Northern Arm  
Langdon, Moses Northern Arm  
Langdon, Thomas Edward Northern Arm  
Langer, John M. Smith Sound Fatality
Langer, Joseph George's Cove  
Langmead, George Jr. St. John's Fatality
Lannigan, James Joseph St. John's Fatality
Lannon, James St. John's Fatality
Lannon, Michael Francis Placentia Fatality
Lannon, William Joseph Bell Island Fatality
Larner, Cyril Burgeo  
Lawlor, Edward Joseph Horse Cove  
Lawlor, Thomas Joseph St. John's  
Lawrence, William G. Garnish Fatality
Learning, Francis Sandwich Bay  
Learning, George St. John's  
Learning, Samuel John St. John's Fatality
Leary, Charles Brigus Fatality
LeBuff, Robert W. Campbellton Fatality
Ledrew, Bertram Kelligrews  
LeDrew, Edward J. Change Islands Fatality
LeDrew, Herbert British Harbour Fatality
LeDrew, John F. Change Islands Fatality
Ledrew, Ralph B. Harbour Grace  
Ledrew, William Botwood  
Lee, Albert Riverhead Fatality
Lee, William St. John's  
Legge, Joseph Heart's Delight Fatality
Legge, Marcus Heart's Content Fatality
LeGrow, Walter St. John's Fatality
LeGrow, Frederick St. John's  
LeGrow, Frederick Pratt Broad Cove  
Lemee, John Maria Grand Falls  
Lemessurier, Francis St. John's  
LeMessurier, Philip Sorsolial St. John's  
LeMessurier, Wallace J. St. John's Fatality
Leonard, James British Harbour Fatality
LePage, Manuel Ship Cove Fatality
LeRiche, James Hubert Port aux Basques Fatality
Leseman, Roy Bennett St. John's  
Leshana, William Edward St. John's Fatality
Leudy, Joseph Little River Fatality
Levigne, Francis St. John's Fatality
Lewis, David St. John's  
Lewis, Gordon C. St. John's Fatality
Lewis, John St. John's  
Lewis, John Potter St. John's  
Lewis, John Thomas Holyrood Fatality
Lidstone, Harold St. John's Fatality
Lilly, Augustus St. John's Fatality
Lilly, William John Harbour Grace Fatality
Lind, Francis Thomas Little Bay Fatality
Linehan, David John's Pond Fatality
Linfield, Roland Loon Bay Fatality
Liscombe, Joseph Botwood  
Little, James Hampton Bonavista Fatality
Little, Redvers Musgravetown Fatality
Lloyd, Robert Little Brook  
Locke, Adolphus Pilley's Island Fatality
Loder, E. Thomas Grand Falls  
Lodge, Samuel Thomas Catalina Fatality
Long, William John St. John's  
Loudoun, John Scotland  
Loveless, John Seal Cove  
Loveys, James Newton St. John's  
Lucas, Frederick William St. John's Fatality
Luff, Harry Exploits Fatality
Luff, John Exploits  
Luff, Samuel Campbellton Fatality
Luffman, Henry George Bell Island Fatality
Lukins, George St. John's Fatality
Lukins, John St. John's Fatality
Luscombe, Herbert G. St. John's Fatality
Lush, George Gambo  
Lynch, Thomas St. John's Fatality
Lyons, Allan Avondale Fatality
Lyver, John Botwood  
MacDougall, Alexander St. John's Fatality
MacKay, Andrew Joseph St. John's Fatality
Mackay, John Joseph St. John's  
MacKay, Michael Joseph St. John's Fatality
MacKay, Murdoch Scotland  
MacKay, Walter H. Channel Fatality
MacKay, William Glenwood  
MacLellan, Neil St. John's  
MacLeod, Neil Charles St. John's Fatality
MacLeod, Norman Alexander St. John's  
MacPherson, Cluny St. John's  
Madden, Sylvester St. John's  
Maddick, Henry Morton St. John's  
Maddigan, Michael St. John's  
Maddigan, Michael Joseph St. John's  
Maddigan, Richard Joseph St. John's Fatality
Maddock, William Scotland Fatality
Maddox, John T. King's Cove Fatality
Madore, George Albert Bay of Islands Fatality
Magannam, Charles St. John's  
Maher, James Joseph St. John's Fatality
Maher, Pierce St. John's  
Mahon, James Thomas St. John's  
Mahoney, Malcolm Cyril Carbonear Fatality
Mahoney, Thomas Gregory Conception Harbour  
Maidment, Arthur E. W. Trinity Fatality
Maidment, Robert Laurie St. John's Fatality
Major, John Thomas Norris Point Fatality
Mallam, Allan Wright Heart's Content  
Maloney, Joseph Francis St. John's  
Manning, Augustine Joseph St. John's Fatality
Manning, Peter Joseph St. John's  
Mansfield, Michael Conception Harbour Fatality
Mansfield, Peter Francis Jerseyside  
Manston, William England  
Manuel, Alfred Botwood Fatality
Manuel, Archibald Northern Arm  
Manuel, Arthur Botwood  
Manuel, Fred Northern Arm  
Manuel, Hallet Norris Arm  
Manuel, John Northern Arm  
Manuel, Samuel W. Exploits Fatality
Manuel, Willis Loon Bay  
March, Charles Llewellyn St. John's  
March, Hugh Campbells Creek  
March, John Port au Port  
March, John W. St. John's  
Marks, Chesley Long Cove Point Fatality
Marks, Levi Sandy Point Fatality
Marks, Stanley Thomas St. John's  
Marrs, Alfred Scotland  
Marsh, Joseph Smith's Sound Fatality
Marsh, William Luther Deer Harbour Fatality
Marshall, Frederick Walter St. John's  
Martin, Charles Patrick St. John's  
Martin, Eric Shannon St. John's Fatality
Martin, Henley Arthur Harbour Grace Fatality
Martin, James Cartwright  
Martin, James Joseph St. John's Fatality
Martin, Joseph Burin North Fatality
Martin, Richard B. Bulls Cove Fatality
Martin, Robert Berkley Manuels  
Martin, Stephen Harbour Grace Fatality
Martin, Stephen A. Torbay Fatality
Martin, William John Grand Falls Fatality
Martin, William Ronald St. John's  
Martret, Joseph St. John's Fatality
Masters, William Harbour Buffett Fatality
Mathias, T.G.    
Matthews, Harold Walter St. John's  
May, John Pilley's Island Fatality
May, William Botwood  
Mayer, Constantine St. John's  
McCarthy, Charles Riverhead Fatality
McCarthy, John Francis Goulds  
McConnell, Isaiah Northern Ireland  
McDonald, Bernard Bishop's Falls Fatality
McDonald, Hugh Joseph Campbells Creek  
McDonald, John Conne River  
McDonald, Michael P. St. John's Fatality
McDonald, Patrick Grand Falls  
McDonald, Ralph St. George's  
McDonald, Robert Burnt Woods  
McDonald, Stephen Cartwright  
McDonald, Walter Garfield St. John's Fatality
McDonnell, John Patrick St. George's Fatality
McGillvary, William Douglas St. John's  
McGrath, George Branch  
McGrath, James St. John's  
McGrath, James (Joseph?) Branch Fatality
McGrath, Ronald B. Harbour Grace Fatality
McGrath, Thomas Bernard St. John's  
McGrath, Thomas White St. John's Fatality
McGrath, William Delby's Cove Fatality
McHenry, William E. Quebec  
McInnis, Alexander O'Regan's  
McKenzie, William Cartwright Fatality
McKinlay, Joseph St. John's  
McLean, Murdoch Gilles Port  
McLeod, Ernest Frederick St. John's  
McNeil, Donald Frazer St. John's Fatality
McNeill, Hector St. John's  
McNiven, William Robert St. John's Fatality
McWhirter, Hugh Walter Humbermouth Fatality
McWirther, George William Humbermouth  
Meadus, Allan St. John's  
Meadus, Robert St. John's Fatality
Mealey, Dennis Francis St. John's Fatality
Meaney, John A. St. John's Fatality
Meaney, Thomas J. Riverhead  
Meehan, Bernard St. Mary's Fatality
Melee, Thomas St. John's Fatality
Mellor, Fred Courtney St. John's Fatality
Mercer, Albert Bell Island  
Mercer, Allan South River Fatality
Mercer, Chesley St. John's Fatality
Mercer, Fred St. John's  
Mercer, Jasper Port Albert Fatality
Mercer, Maxwell James Bay Roberts Fatality
Mercer, Nathan Upper Island Cove Fatality
Mercer, Percy Bay Roberts Fatality
Mercer, Robert Blaketown Fatality
Mercer, William Harbour Grace Fatality
Mesh, Joseph Keels Fatality
Mesher, Charles A. Rigolet Fatality
Messervey, William Sandy Point Fatality
Metcalf, Albert Edward Pilley's Island  
Mew, Percival Charles England  
Mew, Sydney England  
Mews, William Birchy Bay Fatality
Michelin, Charles North West Arm  
Michelin, Joseph Hamilton Inlet  
Michelin, Robert Traverspine  
Mifflin, Chesley J. Spaniard's Bay Fatality
Mifflin, James Bonavista  
Miles, Augustus Bonavista Fatality
Miles, Heber John Bonavista Fatality
Miles, Thomas W. Bay L'Argent Fatality
Miles, Victor William St. John's Fatality
Miller, Benjamin St. John's Fatality
Miller, George Topsail Fatality
Miller, William St. John's Fatality
Milley, Joseph St. John's  
Mills, Joseph Burlington Fatality
Mitchelmore, George Green Island Cove Fatality
Mitchelmore, Isaac Lower Island Cove Fatality
Mitchelmore, Samuel Green Island Cove Fatality
Moakler, John J. St. John's  
Molloy, William St. Lawrence Fatality
Monahan, Edward J. St. John's Fatality
Montgomerie, Alexander St. John's  
Mooney, James Raymond Great Placentia Fatality
Mooney, John Joseph Placentia  
Moore, Albert Rose Blanche Fatality
Moore, Alexander Codroy  
Moore, Eric St. John's Fatality
Moore, James E. Grand Falls Fatality
Moore, James William St. John's  
Moore, Leo St. John's  
Moore, Thomas Grand River Fatality
Moore, William Bay Roberts  
Moores, Albert Pouch Cove Fatality
Moores, Harrison St. John's  
Moores, John Blackhead Fatality
Moores, Samuel J. Freshwater Fatality
Moran, Hugh James St. John's Fatality
Morey, Philip Millertown  
Morgan, Robert Stanley South River Fatality
Morgan, William St. John's Fatality
Morris, Edward A. St. John's Fatality
Morris, Frank Trinity Fatality
Morris, James R. Robinsons Head Fatality
Morris, John Edgar St. John's  
Morris, Riley Kenneth Ramea  
Morris, Robert Great Jarvis Fatality
Morris, William Robinsons Head Fatality
Morris, Harold T. Bay St. George Fatality
Morris, Kenneth Lower Island Cove Fatality
Morrissey, John Joseph St. John's  
Morrissey, John Thomas St. John's Fatality
Morrissey, Michael William Bell Island  
Morrissey, Thomas Patrick St. John's  
Morry, Howard Ferryland  
Mosher, George Fortune Fatality
Moss, Daniel J. Gambo Fatality
Moss, Edmond Keels  
Motty, Edgar Page St. John's  
Mouland, Thomas Bonavista  
Moulton, Albert Edgar Burgeo Fatality
Moulton, Herbert Burin Fatality
Moulton, John Burin Fatality
Moyes, Allan Topsail Fatality
Mudford, Bennett Cottles Island Fatality
Mugford, George Codroy Fatality
Mugford, John W. Codroy  
Mugford, Luke Little Bear Cove Fatality
Muise, Moses St. George's  
Mullett, Abraham Thomas Wesleyville  
Mullett, George Wesleyville  
Mullings, Gordon Alexander St. John's Fatality
Mullins, Frank St. John's  
Murcell, Chesley G. Little Bay Islands  
Murphy, Bernard Catalina  
Murphy, Edward Joseph St. John's Fatality
Murphy, James Edward St. John's  
Murphy, James Joseph Argentia  
Murphy, Joachim St. John's Fatality
Murphy, John Port Royal  
Murphy, John J. Argentia  
Murphy, Laurence St. John's Fatality
Murphy, Martin South Holyrood Fatality
Murphy, Michael Francis St. John's  
Murphy, Michael James St. John's  
Murphy, Thomas Charlottetown Fatality
Murphy, Walter Leonard St. John's Fatality
Murphy, William John Conception Harbour Fatality
Murray, Alfred Seymour Harbour Grace  
Murray, Archibald Adams Cove Fatality
Murray, Arthur Adams Cove  
Murray, Samuel Adams Cove Fatality
Mutford, Albert John Twillingate Fatality
Mutford, Hiram G. Twillingate Fatality
Mutford, Ward St. John's  
Myer, Albert John St. John's  
Myler, Matthew Joseph St. John's  
Myrick, John St. John's Fatality
Nangle, Thomas    
Nelson, Charles St. John's Fatality
Neville, Gregory Joseph Topsail Fatality
Neville, Richard St. John's Fatality
Neville, Ronald Clarke's Beach  
Neville, William John St. John's Fatality
Newbury, William St. John's  
Newell, Clement Leslie The Dock Fatality
Newell, Kenneth Serrick Bareneed Fatality
Newell, Victor Perrin Bareneed Fatality
Newell, William Thomas St. John's  
Newhook, George Frederick Dildo Fatality
Newman, Albert Stanley St. John's  
Newman, Archibald Mark Twillingate Fatality
Newman, James Petit Forte Fatality
Newton, James Bell Island Fatality
Nichol, John Francis St. John's  
Nichol, John Ethelburt Burden St. John's  
Nicholle, Edward Henry Grand Bank Fatality
Nicholle, John St. John's  
Nicholls, Levi Mason Harbour Grace Fatality
Nichols, Campbell Whittycombe St. John's Fatality
Nichols, Duncan Deer Lake Fatality
Noftall, Edward George St. John's Fatality
Noftall, Patrick Alexander Fleur-de-Lys Fatality
Noonan, Henry Colton St. John's Fatality
Noonan, Robert Anthony St. John's Fatality
Norman, Llewelyn Catalina  
Norman, Walter H. Cupids Fatality
Norman, William H. Bay Roberts Fatality
Normore, Levi Cutwell Harbour Fatality
Norris, Stephen Casimer Three Arms Fatality
Norris, William Leonard St. John's  
North, Robert Bay Roberts Fatality
Noseworthy, Frederick Thomas St. John's  
Noseworthy, Heber St. John's  
Noseworthy, Henry C. St. John's  
Noseworthy, Herman St. John's Fatality
Noseworthy, Vincent Manuels  
Noseworthy, William St. John's Fatality
Nugent, Michael Joseph Grand Falls  
Nunns, Joseph    
Nurse, William Champney's East Fatality
Oake, Bertram William Fogo  
Oake, Henry Change Islands Fatality
Oakley, John Joseph St. John's  
O'Brien, Augustus St. John's Fatality
O'Brien, Edward St. John's Fatality
O'Brien, James St. John's Fatality
O'Brien, James John Topsail Fatality
O'Brien, Justin St. John's Fatality
O'Brien, Michael Gregory Witless Bay Fatality
O'Brien, Patrick St. John's  
O'Brien, William Vincent Avondale Fatality
O'Connell, Felix Bonavista Fatality
O'Dea, John Eugene Louis St. John's  
O'Dea, Leo Patrick St. John's  
O'Driscoll, Albert Tors Cove Fatality
O'Flynn, Michael Joseph Grand Falls Fatality
O'Grady, J.J.   
Oke, Charles Cunningham St. John's  
Oke, Harris Randell St. John's  
O'Keefe, Patrick Joseph St. John's  
O'Keefe, Thomas Joseph Ferryland Fatality
O'Keefe, William Joseph St. John's Fatality
Oldford, Hubert Squid Tickle Fatality
O'Leary, James Joseph St. John's Fatality
Ollerhead, William Heart's Content Fatality
Olsen, Joseph St. John's Fatality
O'Neil, Patrick Joseph    
O'Neil, Patrick Fermeuse Fatality
O'Neill, Ambrose A. Fermeuse Fatality
O'Neill, Frederick Michael St. John's  
O'Neill, Martin Patrick St. John's  
O'Neill, Michael Joseph St. John's Fatality
O'Quinn, Vincent Joseph Searston  
O'Quinn, Arthur Stephenville  
O'Quinn, James H. South Branch Grand River  
O'Reilly, William Placentia Fatality
Organ, John Great Jarvis Fatality
O'Rourke, John Holyrood Fatality
O'Rourke, John Bay Roberts Fatality
Osborne, Reuben Grand Bank Fatality
Osmond, Cecil Gambo Fatality
Osmond, Douglas McNeil Moreton's Harbour Fatality
Osmond, William Little Bay Fatality
O'Toole, Frank St. John's Fatality
Outerbridge, Herbert Arthur St. John's  
Outerbridge, Norman A. St. John's Fatality
Oxford, Walter Botwood Fatality
Paddick, Levi Grand Falls  
Pafford, Chesley St. John's  
Palfrey, Patrick St. John's Fatality
Pardy, Austin Table Bay  
Pardy, George Richard Little Harbour Fatality
Pardy, Manuel Cartwright  
Parmiter, Cecil Topsail Fatality
Parmiter, Norman Topsail Fatality
Parrell, John Richard Flower's Cove Fatality
Parrell, Patrick St. John's Fatality
Parsons, Alexander Edward Harbour Grace  
Parsons, Archibald Codroy  
Parsons, Aubrey L. Cat Harbour Fatality
Parsons, Bernard Fredrick Little Bay Islands  
Parsons, Bertram C. Flat Islands Fatality
Parsons, Charles Albert Stephenville Crossing Fatality
Parsons, Charles H. Sandy Point Fatality
Parsons, Henry H. Bay Roberts Fatality
Parsons, James A. Codroy  
Parsons, John W. Freshwater  
Parsons, Pierce Cat Harbour Fatality
Parsons, Wilfred C. Bay Roberts  
Parsons, William Codroy  
Parsons, William Bonne Bay Fatality
Parsons, William John Burin North Side  
Parsons, William Thomas Salmon Cove Fatality
Paterson, Lamont St. John's  
Paterson, Reginald Grant St. John's  
Patey, William St. Anthony Bight Fatality
Patrick, Neil St. John's  
Paul, Lawrence Bishop's Falls  
Paul, Reginald John Burin North Fatality
Paul, Stephen J. Bishop's Falls Fatality
Paver, George St. John's  
Payne, Bernard Ramea  
Payne, Francis Charles St. John's Fatality
Payne, Naaman Parson's Pond Fatality
Payne, Stephen Harbour Grace Fatality
Pearce, Hector Clarenville Fatality
Pearce, Samuel Roberts Twillingate Fatality
Peckford, Edward Gander Bay Fatality
Peddell, John Joseph St. John's  
Peddle, Richard Millertown Fatality
Peet, Chesley Morton St. John's  
Pelley, Clarence George's Brook Fatality
Pennell, Charles Curling Fatality
Pennell, Samuel St. John's  
Pennell, William A. Trepassey  
Pennell, William C. Curling Fatality
Penney, Arthur Joseph St. John's Fatality
Penney, Cecil B. Botwood  
Penney, Josiah H. Carbonear Fatality
Penney, Robert St. John's Fatality
Penney, Simeon T. Deer Harbour Fatality
Penney, William Edward English Harbour Fatality
Penney, Alexander Port Blandford Fatality
Penny, Arthur Nicholas Springdale  
Penney, Augustus Holyrood Fatality
Penny, Isaac Brooklyn Fatality
Penny, Samuel Victoria  
Penny, William H. Carbonear Fatality
Penton, Ignatius Joe Batt's Arm Fatality
Perran, William G. St. John's Fatality
Perry, Alfred Ward's Harbour Fatality
Perry, Pierce Newtown Fatality
Perry, Reuben Oliver River of Ponds Fatality
Perry, Thomas Avery Catalina  
Perry, Warrick Kelligrews Fatality
Petite, Philip English Harbour Fatality
Petrie, Walter James St. John's  
Peyton, Ebenezer Burnt Arm  
Peyton, Herbert Munden Botwood  
Peyton, Joseph St. John's Fatality
Peyton, Stephen Barr'd Islands Fatality
Phelan, James St. John's Fatality
Phelan, William A. St. John's Fatality
Phelan, William Francis St. John's Fatality
Phillips, George Whitbourne Fatality
Picco, Francis Rushoon Fatality
Picco, Martin Boswarlos Fatality
Picot ( Picco ), Norman Gravels  
Piercey, Birkley Hopeall Fatality
Piercey, Charlie Fortune  
Piercey, John Charles Norman's Cove Fatality
Piggott, Walter St. John's  
Pike, Ernest Belleoram  
Pike, George Edward Grand Falls Fatality
Pike, James Joseph Avondale Fatality
Pike, Manuel Edward St. Lawrence Fatality
Pike, Stanley Gordon St. John's Fatality
Pilgrim, Lewis (Allan) St. Anthony Bight  
Pilgrim, Orland Griquet  
Pilgrim, Richard St. Anthony Bight Fatality
Pine, Aloysius English Harbour West  
Pinsent, Stanley Stewart Musgrave Harbour Fatality
Pinsent, Stewart Dildo Fatality
Pitcher, Charles Burgoynes Cove Fatality
Pitcher, Corbett New Harbour Fatality
Pitcher, Fred C. St. John's  
Pitcher, Walter Old Bonaventure Fatality
Pitt, Percy St. John's Fatality
Pittman, Abel Smith's Sound Fatality
Pittman, Alphonsus Rencontre East  
Pittman, Arthur Henry Pilley's Island Fatality
Pittman, Corbett New Perlican  
Pittman, James Warren New Perlican Fatality
Pittman, Manuel Conne River  
Pittman, Richard Lamaline Fatality
Pittman, Thomas Little Bay East  
Pollard, Arthur R. Botwood  
Pollard, Pleymon Botwood  
Pollard, William Harbour Deep Fatality
Poole, Stephen Belleoram  
Pope, Robert Botwood Fatality
Porter, Archibald Harold Change Islands Fatality
Porter, Robert Branfit Grand Falls Fatality
Postlewaite, Robert Allan England  
Pottle, Levi Groswater Bay  
Powell, Garland Happy Adventure Fatality
Power, David Salmonier  
Power, Francis St. John's Fatality
Power, James M. Harbour Grace Fatality
Power, James Matthew Witless Bay Fatality
Power, James Thornton St. John's  
Power, Martin Francis Witless Bay  
Power, Maurice Dunville  
Power, Nicholas J. Argentia Fatality
Power, Nicholas J.   
Power, Patrick Grand Falls Fatality
Power, Patrick J. Tors Cove  
Power, Peter Cupids  
Power, Philip Francis Bell Island  
Power, Pierce Corner Brook  
Power, Redmond J. Corner Brook  
Power, Richard Cupids  
Power, William Joseph St. John's Fatality
Prasuyon, Wallace St. George's  
Pratt, Arthur Milligan St. John's  
Pretty, Edward Chapel Arm Fatality
Pretty, John Chapel Arm Fatality
Prowse, William St. John's Fatality
Purcell, Roderick Joseph St. John's  
Purchase, Arthur Fogo  
Pye, Edward Victoria Fatality
Pye, Hayward Cape Charles  
Pye, Walter Cape Charles  
Pynn, John St. John's Fatality
Quigley, Michael Joseph St. John's Fatality
Quinton, Albert Edward Southern Bay Fatality
Quinton, Augustus Red Cliff Fatality
Raines, George Albert England  
Raley, Arthur England  
Ralph, Cecil Flat Islands Fatality
Randall, Hubert Job Grand Falls  
Randell, Marcus Port Rexton Fatality
Randell, Peter Twillingate Fatality
Raynes, Frederick St. John's Fatality
Raynes, Henry Richard St. John's  
Read, Alexander La Poile Fatality
Read, Charles A. La Poile Fatality
Reader, Alexander Bonavista  
Reardigan, John Joseph St. John's  
Reardon, Michael Perry's Cove  
Rees, Edgar Bell Island Fatality
Rees, Fred S. Bell Island  
Rees, George Wilfred St. John's  
Rees, William Bell Island Fatality
Reeves, Maxwell St. Lawrence Fatality
Reeves, William    
Reid, Alfred St. John's Fatality
Reid, Allan R. Heart's Delight Fatality
Reid, Bramwell Booth Heart's Delight  
Reid, Carl St. John's Fatality
Reid, Charles St. John's Fatality
Reid, Charles Lower Island Cove Fatality
Reid, Ellwood Green's Harbour Fatality
Reid, Harry J. St. John's  
Reid, James Codroy  
Reid, James John St. John's  
Reid, Joseph E. Heart's Delight Fatality
Reid, Levi Ireland Bight  
Reid, Robert Bruce St. John's Fatality
Reid, Samuel Stewart Heart's Delight Fatality
Reid, William Frederick St. John's Fatality
Reid, William Joseph St. John's Fatality
Reilly, Peter Corbin Fatality
Rendell, Arthur James St. John's Fatality
Rendell, Clifford St. John's Fatality
Rendell, Ernest John New Harbour Fatality
Rendell, Fred Twillingate  
Rendell, Herbert St. John's Fatality
Rendell, Leonard True Grand Falls  
Rendell, Walter Frederic St. John's  
Rennie, W.H.   
Renouf, Charles James St. John's  
Rice, Frederick Bennett Point Leamington Fatality
Rice, John Joseph St. John's Fatality
Richards, David Little Braha Fatality
Richards, Finlay McNeil Campbell St. John's  
Richards, Harry Glenwood  
Richards, John Edwin Bareneed  
Richards, Roland Godfrey Glenwood  
Richards, William Walter St. John's  
Richardson, Frank St. John's Fatality
Richardson, Patrick St. John's Fatality
Ricketts, Francis J. St. John's  
Ricketts, George Middle Arm Fatality
Ricketts, Thomas Middle Arm  
Ricketts, Thomas Westport Fatality
Ricks, Simon Sop's Arm Fatality
Rideout, Elijah Botwood  
Rideout, Ford Moreton's Harbour Fatality
Rideout, Garland Newtown Fatality
Rideout, George Goulds  
Rideout, Keywood Bluff Head Cove Fatality
Rideout, Pierce Grand Falls Fatality
Rideout, Sydney Moreton's Harbour Fatality
Rideout, Thomas Grand Falls Fatality
Ridgley, John Benjamin Little Bay West Fatality
Ring, Thomas J. St. John's Fatality
Roberts, Albert Bay du Nord Fatality
Roberts, Cecil Hermitage Cove Fatality
Roberts, Francis St. John's Fatality
Roberts, Frank Wild Bight Fatality
Roberts, Frank St. John's Fatality
Roberts, Frederick George Change Islands  
Roberts, John Burlington Fatality
Roberts, Thomas Stephen Burin Fatality
Roberts, Walter Graham St. John's  
Robertson, Eric McKenzie St. John's  
Robertson, Stanley St. John's  
Robinson, John Joseph St. John's  
Roche, Allan Branch  
Rodgers, Thomas St. John's Fatality
Rogers, Charles D. St. John's  
Rogers, Edward Joseph St. John's Fatality
Rogers, Thomas Edward St. John's Fatality
Rolls, Walter Portland Fatality
Romaine, Harold Port au Port Fatality
Ronan, Thomas St. John's Fatality
Ronayne, Paul F. Tors Cove  
Roost, William St. John's Fatality
Roper, Frederick Charles Bonavista Fatality
Rose, Albert S. Flower's Cove  
Rose, Cecil Great Harbour Fatality
Rose, George Great Harbour Fatality
Rose, George Burgeo Fatality
Rose, John Clarke's Beach Fatality
Rose, John Cape St. Francis Fatality
Rose, Peter Twillingate Fatality
Rose, Reginald Port aux Basques Fatality
Rose, Wilfred John St. John's  
Ross, Hector Hugh Alexander St. John's  
Ross, Michael Joseph Portugal Cove Fatality
Ross, Robert Wallace St. John's Fatality
Rossiter, Matthew Cape Broyle Fatality
Rowe, Arthur J. Cape St. George  
Rowe, Harry St. John's Fatality
Rowe, Henry Mott St. John's Fatality
Rowe, Joseph Lewis Port au Port  
Rowsell, Edward Clayton St. John's Fatality
Rowsell, Gordon Glenwood Fatality
Rowsell, H. John R. Bonavista Fatality
Rowsell, Hedley Glenwood  
Rowsell, Reginald Bonavista Fatality
Russell, John Bay Roberts Fatality
Russell, Joseph Lewisporte Fatality
Russell, Melville R. St. John's Fatality
Russell, William Brooklyn Fatality
Ryall, Robert S. St. John's Fatality
Ryall, William Thomas St. John's Fatality
Ryan, Bernard St. John's Fatality
Ryan, Chesley Round Harbour Fatality
Ryan, John Joseph St. John's  
Ryan, Patrick Turk's Gut Fatality
Ryan, Richard Melrose  
Ryan, Thomas Brown Jerseyside  
Ryan, William Joseph St. John's Fatality
Samms, Amos Codroy  
Samms, George R. York Harbour Fatality
Samms, William Thomas Codroy  
Samson, Neville Flat Island Fatality
Samson, Peter Fox Harbour  
Sargent, John Badger Fatality
Saunders, Benjamin Gambo  
Saunders, Eli New Bay Fatality
Saunders, Frederick J. Griquet Fatality
Saunders, John Alexander Bay Fatality
Saunders, William Roy Carbonear  
Scammell, Walter Change Islands Fatality
Scanlon, David St. John's Fatality
Sceviour, Martin British Harbour Fatality
Scott, Maxwell Fogo Fatality
Seabright, Frederick Christopher Red Rock Cove Fatality
Seabright, George Botwood  
Sealey, Frederick The Dock Fatality
Searle, Richard Goulds  
Sears, Michael Francis St. John's  
Seaward, Edward Bonne Bay Fatality
Seaward, Horatius Clarenville Fatality
Sellars, Allan Augustus St. John's Fatality
Sellars, Henry Harbour Grace Fatality
Sellars, Richard Stephen Western Bay Fatality
Senior, Ralph Flat Islands Fatality
Seward, Frederick T. Cupids Fatality
Seymour, George Botwood Fatality (pneumonia in Nfld.)
Seymour, Lester Botwood  
Seymour, Thomas Gooseberry Islands Fatality
Shaeen, Joseph Bell Island  
Sharp, Charles Heart's Delight Fatality
Shave, Edwin L. Fogo Fatality
Shave, George R. Fogo Fatality
Shave, William Burton Fogo  
Shea, Michael Joseph Pouch Cove  
Sheehan, Edward St. John's Fatality
Sheehan, John Joseph St. John's Fatality
Sheppard, Henry Bishop's Cove Fatality
Sheppard, Richard John Harbour Grace  
Sheppard, Robert St. John's  
Sheppard, William A. Botwood  
Sherren, Nelson Point Leamington Fatality
Sherwin, Samuel England Fatality
Shirran, George Bonavista  
Shiwak, John Rigolet Fatality
Short, James Bayley's Cove Fatality
Short, Richard M. New Bonaventure Fatality
Short, Joshua New Bonaventure Fatality
Shortall, Leo M. St. John's Fatality
Shortall, Richard Aloysius St. John's Fatality
Silk, Thomas W. Leading Tickles  
Simmonds, William St. John's Fatality
Simmons, Robert Botwood  
Simms, Ernest Hermitage Cove Fatality
Simms, Frank Frederick Hayward Burin Fatality
Simms, George Pilley's Island Fatality
Simms, George Percival St. Anthony Fatality
Simms, Henry Pilley's Island Fatality
Simms, John Henry Fogo Fatality
Simms, Leaten St. Anthony Fatality
Simms, Robert Ronald St. Anthony Fatality
Simpson, Ronald Gordon St. John's Fatality
Sinnott, Sylvester St. John's Fatality
Skeans, William St. John's Fatality
Skeffington, Sydney Bemister St. John's  
Skinner, Arthur John St. John's  
Skinner, William A. Grand John Fatality
Slade, Albert Ernest Loon Bay  
Slaney, Arthur St. Lawrence  
Slattery, Patrick Joseph St. John's Fatality
Small, George Stewart Lewisporte Fatality
Small, Harvey Haynes Channel  
Small, William Archibald Farmers Arm  
Smart, Frank Alexander Bay Fatality
Smith, Andrew Dildo  
Smith, Donald Bishop's Cove Fatality
Smith, Edward Battle Harbour Fatality
Smith, Ernest Codroy  
Smith, Howard Dildo Fatality
Smith, Josiah Hopeall Fatality
Smith, Peter Galloway Scotland  
Smith, Robert Templeton St. John's  
Smith, Roy Archibald St. John's  
Smith, Samuel R. Harbour Breton Fatality
Smith, Thomas Boat Harbour  
Smith, Walter John St. John's  
Smith, William H. Swift Current Fatality
Smith, Zechariah Smith's Sound Fatality
Smyth, Michael F. St. John's  
Smyth, Thomas Joseph St. John's  
Snelgrove, Frank St. John's  
Snelgrove, Isaac John Catalina Fatality
Snelgrove, John Charles St. John's Fatality
Snook, Alfred Battle Harbour  
Snook, James St. Alban's  
Snook, Samuel St. Alban's  
Snow, Charles Harbour Grace Fatality
Snow, Douglas K. St. John's Fatality
Snow, Fred Earnest St. John's Fatality
Snow, Hardy Frederick Twillingate Fatality
Snow, Harry St. John's  
Snow, James St. John's  
Snow, John S. Harbour Grace Fatality
Snow, Joseph Griquet Fatality
Snow, Joseph Henry St. John's  
Snow, Levi John Clarke's Beach Fatality
Snow, William St. John's  
Snow, William St. John's Fatality
Somerton, Austin Trinity  
Somerton, Edward Trinity  
Somerton, Frank Hibbert Trinity  
Somerton, Frederick Charles Trinity Fatality
Somerton, Peter Portugal Cove Fatality
Somerton, William James Bell Island  
Soper, Morley Port aux Basques Fatality
Southcott, Thomas Grand Falls Fatality
Sparkes, George Bell Island Fatality
Sparkes, Wesley Alexander Bay Fatality
Spencer, H. Bennett Twillingate Fatality
Spencer, Maxwell Twillingate Fatality
Spencer, Roy Fortune  
Spencer, Thomas Leslie Fortune  
Spooner, John St. John's  
Spry, Herbert Harbour Grace  
Spurrell, Charles Patrick St. John's  
Spurrell, Frank J. St. John's Fatality
Spurrell, Heber Pool's Island  
Spurrell, Richard Heart's Ease Fatality
Squibb, Josiah Carbonear Fatality
Squires, Cecil Gambo Fatality
Squires, Ephraim Salvage Bay Fatality
Squires, Frederick St. John's Fatality
Squires, Jack St. John's  
Squires, John Round Harbour Fatality
Squires, John St. John's Fatality
Squires, Kadar Salvage Fatality
St. John (O'Neill), John St. John's Fatality
Stacey, Alfred James Sound Island Fatality
Stacey, Anthony James England  
Stanford, Reginald F. Grand Falls  
Stanley, James St. John's  
Starks, Edward G. King's Point Fatality
Stead, Jabez Musgravetown Fatality
Steele, Owen William St. John's Fatality
Stein, Conrad Lewis Botwood  
Stenlake, Wilfred Down England  
Stephenson, David England  
Stephenson, John Sydney England Fatality
Stephenson, William Cavendish Fatality
Stevens, James Seal Islands  
Stevens, Charles Bareneed Fatality
Stevenson, Alfred St. John's Fatality
Stick, Edward Moyle T. St. John's  
Stick, J. Robin St. John's  
Stick, Leonard Tretheway St. John's  
Stockley, Frederick Wesleyville Fatality
Stockley, Joseph Greenspond  
Stockley, Levi Virgin Arm Fatality
Stone, Harry Joseph Bell Island Fatality
Stone, Henry Bonaventure Fatality
Stone, Henry Skinner St. John's  
Stone, Llewellyn St. John's  
Stoodley, Lyman Grand Bank Fatality
Strathie, Harry Groves Bonavista Fatality
Stratten, Frederick Valleyfield Fatality
Stratton, William James Valleyfield Fatality
Strickland, Benjamin St. John's  
Strickland, Edward J. Port aux Basques Fatality
Strickland, Ingram Bonne Bay Fatality
Strickland, James Botwood  
Stride, Abe Conne River  
Stride, Albert Botwood  
Stride, Ambrose William Bridgeport Fatality
Stride, Benjamin Conne River  
Stride, Bransome Bridgeport Fatality
Stride, Norman Botwood  
Stride, Thomas Conne River  
Strong, Charles St. Clair St. John's Fatality
Strong, Norman Wheatley Little Bay Islands Fatality
Strong, Ross Jackson's Cove Fatality
Stroud, John Alexander Bay Fatality
Stuckless, Adolphus Comfort Cove Fatality
Stuckless, Silas Norris Arm Fatality
Sully, John Old Shop Fatality
Sullivan, Alexander Pouch Cove  
Sullivan, John Martin St. George's  
Sullivan, Peter Gambo  
Sullivan, Peter Bay de Verde  
Summers, Augustus Leo St. John's  
Summers, Michael Francis St. John's Fatality
Sutton, William Burgeo  
Swaffield, James Steward Cartwright  
Swaffield, Wilfred Cartwright  
Sweeney, Patrick St. John's Fatality
Tait, Robert H. St. John's  
Tansley, Harry Wales  
Targett, Frederick Joseph Holyrood Fatality
Tarrant, Elias Botwood Fatality
Tarrant, William Botwood  
Tavener, Peter Middle Lance Cove  
Taylor, Albert E. Charleston Fatality
Taylor, Alfred Penney St. John's Fatality
Taylor, Charles Frederick St. John's Fatality
Taylor, Eugene Fred St. John's Fatality
Taylor, George St. John's Fatality
Taylor, George Hayward St. John's Fatality
Taylor, Hedley St. John's Fatality
Taylor, Herbert St. John's  
Taylor, Herbert St. John's Fatality
Taylor, James Arthur St. John's  
Taylor, Richard H. St. John's Fatality
Taylor, Victor G. St. John's  
Taylor, Walter Cameron Carbonear  
Taylor, William Bartlett St. John's Fatality
Teixeira, Joseph Pushthrough Fatality
Temple, John Vincent Sandy Point  
Templeman, Donald St. John's Fatality
Tessier, William James St. John's  
Tetford, R. Harbour Grace  
Thistle, Francis Gander Bay Fatality
Thistle, Howard Clarkes Head  
Thistle, Walter Leslie St. John's  
Thomas, Frederick Gordon St. John's Fatality
Thomas, Gordon St. John's Fatality
Thorne, Walter Louis New Harbour Fatality
Thomas, Walter Bell Island Fatality
Thompson, John St. John's  
Thompson, Lionel Hesilden England  
Thompson, Max Bonavista Fatality
Thompson, Walter St. John's  
Thomson, James Elliot St. John's Fatality
Thorne, James H. New Harbour Fatality
Thorne, Joseph Grand Bank Fatality
Tibbett, Edward J. Little Catalina Fatality
Tibbo, Henry Grand John Fatality
Tibbo, James Joseph St. John's Fatality
Tilley, Henry St. John's Fatality
Tilley, Richard St. John's  
Tilly, Lawrence Clarenville Fatality
Timewell, Henry Alfred    
Tipple, Austen Gerald St. George's  
Tizzard, Gordon St. John's Fatality
Tobin, Andrew Great St. Lawrence Fatality
Tobin, James John St. John's Fatality
Tobin, John Thomas Burin North Fatality
Tobin, Patrick Francis St. John's Fatality
Tobin, Peter St. Mary's  
Tocher, J.W.   
Tompkinson, Harry Alexander St. John's  
Toms, Augustus Kings Point Fatality
Toope, Ernest Ireland's Eye Fatality
Toumishey, George St. Anthony Fatality
Tracey, William Carroll's Cove  
Trask, Heber Elliston Fatality
Trebble, William St. John's  
Tucker, Joshua Winterton Fatality
Tucker, Walter St. John's Fatality
Tuff, Frank Paine St. John's Fatality
Tuff, George Beverley St. John's  
Tuff, Jabez Templeman Fatality
Tuff, James Roy St. John's Fatality
Tulk, Ralph Ladle Cove Fatality
Tulk, Ralph Wellon St. George's  
Tulk, Stanley Gordon St. George's  
Twiner, Herbert Bishop's Falls Fatality
Twyne, Abram James Hauling Point Fatality
Upwards, Warwick Pearce Harry's Harbour Fatality
Vail, Hemnon St. John's Fatality
Vail, Michael St. John's  
Vallis, Stanley Ramea  
Vaters, John Edgar Victoria  
Vaughan, Francis Joseph St. John's Fatality
Vaughan, Herbert Augustus St. John's  
Vaughan, Joseph Patrick St. John's Fatality
Vaughan, Oscar Augustus St. John's Fatality
Vey, Wilson Random  
Viguers, William St. John's  
Vincent, Arthur J. St. George's  
Viquers, Clifford St. John's  
Viscount, John Thomas Dunville Fatality
Voisey, Leo Michael St. John's Fatality
Voisey, Richard Herbert St. John's  
Voisey, Richard Patrick St. John's Fatality
Vokey, Herbert Little Harbour Fatality
Vokey, Philip Dildo Fatality
Wade, Edgar Elliston Fatality
Wagg, Albert F. Stepaside Fatality
Wakely, Henry C. St. John's Fatality
Walsh, Frank Holyrood  
Walsh, George Edward St. John's  
Walsh, Herbert Bay Roberts  
Walsh, James Goulds Fatality
Walsh, Michael Bellevue  
Walsh, Michael Francis Placentia Fatality
Walsh, Patrick Joseph St. John's  
Walsh, Thomas Bellevue Fatality
Walters, Gilbert Champney's Fatality
Walters, William Goulds  
Warford, Garland Upper Gullies Fatality
Warren, John Henry Tack's Beach Fatality
Waterfield, Joseph Ross St. John's Fatality
Waterman, Frederick Walter Change Islands  
Watkins, Leander Botwood  
Watkins, Robert James Botwood Fatality
Watkins, William H. Botwood  
Watson, James Scotland  
Watts, Wesley St. John's Fatality
Watts, Francis Emile St. John's  
Watts, James Pittman St. John's Fatality
Watts, Rupert King Harbour Grace Fatality
Way, Norman Bonavista Fatality
Webb, Leonard Victoria Cove Fatality
Webber, Arthur Harbour Grace  
Webber, Hubert Harbour Grace Fatality
Wellman, Edward St. John's  
Wells, Frederick Springdale Fatality
Wells, Harry Augustus Bay Roberts Fatality
Wells, Isaac Grand Jarvis  
Wells, Joseph Warren St. John's Fatality
Wells, Raymond C. Bay Roberts  
Wells, Robert Salvage Fatality
Wells (Wills?), Alfred St. John's  
West, Edward Ladle Cove Fatality
West, Stanley Carmanville Fatality
West, William Emeel St. John's  
Westcott, Harry T. Carbonear Fatality
Whalen, Arthur S. Point Leamington  
Whalen, James St. John's Fatality
Wheeler, Frederick Tizzard's Harbour Fatality
Wheeler, Heber St. John's  
Wheeler, James J. St. John's Fatality
Wheeler, Reuben Lower Island Cove Fatality
Whelan, John Joseph St. John's  
Whelan, Michael Thomas St. John's  
Whelen, Augustin St. John's Fatality
Whitaker, C.W.    
White, Albert Clarence Catalina Fatality
White, Alec Jabez England Fatality
White, Alexander Stephenville  
White, Alfred St. George's  
White, Arthur J. Stephenville  
White, Charles Edward St. John's  
White, Dougald St. John's  
White, Edward Twillingate  
White, Frederick Durel's Arm Fatality
White, Frederick J. Princeton Fatality
White, Gordon A. Little Bay Islands Fatality
White, Hollie Cottle's Cove Fatality
White, Joseph Stephenville  
White, Michael Little Bona Fatality
White, Reginald Bayley St. John's Fatality
White, Richard Bacon Cove Fatality
White, Richard Henry St. George's  
White, Samuel Carmanville  
White, William Loon Bay Fatality
White, William Arthur Rattling Brook Fatality
White, Willis Comfort Cove Fatality
Whitehorn, Archibald New Bay Fatality
Whitten, Edward Charles St. John's Fatality
Whittle, William Fox Cove Fatality
Whitty, Gerald J. St. John's  
Wicks, Frederick Greenspond Fatality
Wight, Arthur Bonne Bay Fatality
Wighton, Charles England Fatality
Wilcox, Frederick Brigus Fatality
Willar, Sydney George St. John's  
Williams, Alexander Springdale Fatality
Williams, Allan Goulds  
Williams, Hugh Springdale Fatality
Williams, James Oderin Fatality
Williams, John St. John's  
Williams, Levi Pouch Cove Fatality
Williams, Robert John St. John's Fatality
Williams, Rowland St. John's  
Williams, Raymond Victor Heart's Content Fatality
Williamson, Harry Grand Falls  
Wills, Clarence Harbour Grace Fatality
Wills, Herbert Grand Falls Fatality
Wilson, Henry Kelso St. John's  
Windeler, Henry St. John's  
Windsor, Stanley Charles Aquaforte  
Winslow, George Joseph St. John's  
Winsor, Augustus Wesleyville Fatality
Winsor, Edgar Wesleyville Fatality
Winsor, George Wesleyville Fatality
Winter, Edward Rozier St. John's Fatality
Winter, Marmaduke St. John's  
Winter, Randolph Milligan St. John's Fatality
Winter, Herbert M.   
Winters, William John Paul Island  
Wiseman, Adolphus Little Bay Islands Fatality
Wiseman, Adolphus Little Bay Islands Fatality
Wiseman, Ebenezer G. Boot Harbour  
Wiseman, Herbert Shoal Harbour Fatality
Wiseman, Marcus Stanley Heart's Delight Fatality
Wood, Ernest St. John's  
Woodford, Frank St. John's Fatality
Woodford, Patrick Joseph Herring Neck Fatality
Woodman, Kenneth New Harbour Fatality
Woodruffe, J.S.    
Woods, Frank Port au Port  
Woods, William Lloyd St. John's  
Woolfrey, Lewis Horwood Fatality
Woolfrey, Wilfred J. Lewisporte  
Woolridge, James R. Trinity Fatality
Woolridge, Medley Burnt Arm  
Worthington, Lewis Llewellyn Scotland  
Wyatt, Arthur H Traytown Fatality
Wyatt, Edward St. John's  
Wyatt, T. Walter St. John's  
Yates, Gordon Bemister St. John's  
Yetman, Andrew St. John's  
Yetman, James St. John's Fatality
Yetman, Michael A. St. John's Fatality
Yetman, Nathan Bell Island  
Yetman, William Brookfield  
Young, Allan Stephen Twillingate  
Young, Arthur Harold Twillingate Fatality
Young, Arthur James St. John's  
Young, Benjamin Codroy  
Young, Harry L. Greenspond Fatality
Young, Hedley Carbonear  
Young, Hilliard Flat Bay  
Young, John Bertram St. John's Fatality
Young, Norman Flat Bay  
Young, Richard Le Marches Point  
Young, William Port au Port  

Soldier Stories

Over 6000 men enlisted in the Newfoundland Regiment during the First World War. Each soldier had his own story. Some soldiers' stories were very short; other soldiers who were lucky enough to survive the war had a longer story to tell. Each story is compelling.

Below are some of the documents that can be viewed in a soldier's file. Each is described and will help the viewer to understand the file.

Summary of Key Documents in the Files of Newfoundland Regiment Soldiers

Attestation Paper

Page one of this document can be viewed as a sign-up sheet or contract. It contains information such as:

  • Name, age, address, occupation, wage level, and marital status
  • Height, weight, eye colour, hair colour, distinguishing marks such as tattoos, and scars
  • Name and address of the next of kin
  • Previous military service
  • Entries on this page are handwritten
  • This page is often missing in the files of officers
  • Part way through the war, this page was modified to ask, among other things, "Are you a British Subject?" and "Are you willing to be vaccinated or re-vaccinated?"
  • Earlier papers have the enlistee's regimental number in the upper right, while in later papers it is found in the upper left
  • Sometimes scrawled across page one is proof that the soldier decided to stay on after his first tour was up (e.g. "Re-engaged for duration of war. Aldershot 14 Aug. 1915")

The top of page two repeats parts of page one:

  • It is often typewritten
  • There is more detail about any spouse or children
  • The bottom of the page is completed later and contains a Statement of the Services — usually handwritten — which records major events in the soldier's career (travel, wounds, promotions, date of demobilization)
  • Finally, there is a tally of the soldier's total length of service in years and days

For the First Five Hundred, the Statement of the Services typically reads, in part:

  • Embarked S.S. Florizel for U.K. 3/10/14
  • Embarked M.E.F. (Mediterranean Expeditionary Force) 20/8/15
  • Disembarked Alexandria and entrained for Cairo 31/8/15
  • Embarked for Gallipoli 13/9/15
  • Landed Suvla Bay night of 19-20 Sept./15
  • Evacuated and arrived Alexandria 15/1/16
  • Proceeded to Suez 16/1/16
  • Embarked Port Suez 14/3/16
  • Disembarked Marseille 22/3/16

Squadron, Troop, Battery and Company Conduct Sheet

This document records:

  • Offences
  • Times and places where misconduct occurred
  • Names of witnesses and the punishment handed down
  • Occasionally, this document is missing from a file (particularly in the case of officers)
  • Because this document often lists the soldier's date of enlistment, age on enlistment, trade, religion (and, on some documents, the place of birth), this is an excellent source of information if the attestation paper is damaged or difficult to read

Casualty Form - Active Service

As this document indicates, it is a "record of promotions, reductions, transfers, casualties, etc.". Although similar to the Statement of the Services on page two of the attestation paper, it sometimes provides more detail and can be several pages in length. The first several entries are often rubber-stamped and largely illegible.

Medical Examination Form

Many files contain the results of a physical exam taken upon enlistment. Thirty-nine entries cover points as varied as:

  • quality of hearing and sight
  • condition of teeth, bone structure
  • soldier's height and weight

Sometimes there is even an interesting note or two from the medical examiner, such as that on the form of a very small man: "May do for drummer".

Allotment Form

Soldiers could pre-arrange that a certain amount from each paycheck go to anyone of their choosing, "whether wife, child, other relative or friend". The usual amount was 60 cents per day.

Postal Telegraphs

Most files contain at least a couple of postal telegraphs. They are usually copies of telegraphs sent to the next of kin indicating a soldier's illness, wound, or death. When a telegram was sent informing of a death, it was supposed to be preceded by a telegram to the family's local clergyman (or in his absence the local schoolteacher). The telegram to the next of kin typically contained a note to the telegraph operator that it was not to be delivered before the one advising the clergyman.

There are sometimes telegrams on happier subjects, however, such as Christmas wishes or a wounded soldier's assurances that he is feeling well and recovering quickly.

The following are also common documents:

Extract - Recording promotions, demotions, transfers, casualties, awards, etc.

Will - Handwritten and/or typed

Inventory of Effects

Prisoner of War Fund pledge form - Some men gave over $10.00 per year to the fund (taken quarterly from pay).

Statement of Prisoner of War (taken upon escape or release)

This document is typically typed; however it is sometimes accompanied by the soldier's handwritten account. The soldier explains where and how he was taken prisoner, whether he was moved, mistreated, or made to work, and the general conditions experienced during his time as a POW. It usually ranges from two to four pages.

Receipts for the 1914-1915 Star, the Victory Medal and/or British War Medal, the King's Certificate, the Memorial Scroll and Memorial Plaque (for next of kin), payments from the Civil Re-Establishment Committee (helping veterans to finish school, learn a trade, buy equipment), Clothing Allowance (typically from $25 to $60 to buy clothes for civilian life), Last Pay Certificate, etc.

Application for Separation Allowance

This was paid to individuals whose only support was their relative who had enlisted. Most often this was a wife, child, mother, dependent grandmother, aunt, or sibling, but sometimes an ailing or aging father or adult relative with special needs.

Application for Pension. Application for War Service Gratuity. Application for Overseas Transport for wife and/or child(ren) of a soldier to come to Newfoundland.

Report (or Proceedings) of a Medical Board

This documents the condition of a veteran for pension purposes. It often describes in detail the nature of a disability, and sometimes relates how it occured.

Descriptive Return of a Soldier Discharged on Account of Disability

"This form is to be completed in the case of every discharged soldier whose claim to pension on account of disability is to be submitted for the consideration of the Pensions and Disabilities Board".